David Benavidez – a key player at super middleweight?

By Boxing News - 11/11/2022 - Comments

By Stefan Radosavlević: A couple of days ago, WBC announced that the winner of the David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant fight would challenge Canelo Alvarez for super middleweight supremacy. One thing that WBC officials didn’t mention is what happens if Canelo declines the fight. Is he going to be stripped of his titles? Where does Benavidez go from there?

Whatever happens in the next several months, Benavidez will remain in a good position. First, Caleb Plant is a perfect opponent for him right now. It’s going to show Benavidez and his team where he stands in comparison to Canelo. Benavidez is a favorite to win this fight and challenge the Mexican superstar for all his belts. Alvarez is, of course, a much bigger obstacle to cross, but not an impossible one.

I think Benavidez has a pretty good chance of winning that one too. And, just like in Bivol’s case, it would put Benavidez under the spotlight and make him some serious money.

But, if this fight does not materialize, Benavidez has other options at super middleweight. David Morrell and Edgar Berlanga would make a thrilling matchup. Besides Canelo, Morrell is a boxer that could cause some problems for Benavidez. Morrell is tall, with good technique and good hand speed. He also moves very well and has decent head movement.

The Cuban fighter Morrell showed much potential in his latest fight against Aidos Yerbossynuly. On the other hand, his only eight fights into his professional career, and he never faced a boxer like Benavidez.

Berlanga is a great puncher, but he struggled against opposition far from Benavidez’s abilities. Other top ten fighters at super middleweight, boxers like Danny Jacobs and Billy Joe Saunders, are on the downside of their careers, with their best years behind them. These fights would attract many fans and bring good money, but they wouldn’t matter much for David’s resume.

Another year or two should be enough time to see who is the best super middleweight in the world. Benavidez is, in my humble opinion, a boxer that has the biggest chance to unify all the belts.

I would even go one step forward and say that of all the super middleweight boxers right now, Benavidez could be the one to challenge the light heavyweight champions Dmitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev. He would be the underdog, but Benavidez is the only one who has that blend of skills, guts, and toughness to at least give them a good fight.

Of course, this prediction is based on the skill and abilities shown in the ring. Much bigger opponents for Benavidez right now are boxing politicians and promoters, especially at super middleweight. It would be a shame to see this talented fighter vesting his prime years fighting mediocre fighters.