Boxing Results: Montana Love Loses to Steve “The Viking” Spark!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Rocket Mortgage Field House, Cleveland, Ohio, Saturday over DAZN, Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented in the Main Event IBF North American Super Lightweight champ Montana “Too Pretty” Love was disqualified in the sixth round for pushing WBC Australasia Super Lightweight champ Steve “The Viking” Spark over the ropes losing the WBC Inter-Continental title in the sixth round.

In the Main Event, southpaw Montana “Too Pretty” Love, 18-1-1 (9), #140, of Cleveland, OH, lost by disqualification to Steve “The Viking” Spark, 16-2 (14), #140, of Toowoomba, Queensland, AUST, at 0:25 of the sixth round of a scheduled 12 rounds for the WBA Inter-Continental Super Lightweight title.

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In the first round, after a minute, a right from Spark on the chin and down went Love for an 8-count from Referee David Fields. Spark failed to follow up, allowing Love to get through the round. In the third round, Spark had Love backing up throughout the round on the defense.

In the fourth round, Love finally started landing counter punches to the chin of Spark, who was walking into them trying to catch up to Love. In the fifth round, Spark drove Love into a corner, but Love managed to get out and fight back well. Referee Fields warned Spark for rough tactics for the second time. In the sixth round, a clash of heads caused a cut on the left eyebrow of Love. The ring physician was brought in.

Love told him he can’t see but was allowed to continue. Later in the round, Love, in a clinch, drove Spark into the ropes as the referee Fields went to break them; Love pushed Spark over the ropes and out of the ring, forcing Fields to disqualify Love.

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WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight champ Christian Tapia, 15-1 (12), #129.5, of Coamo, PR, lost a hard-fought decision to Thomas “Gunna Man” Mattice, 20-3-1 (15), #129.5, of Cleveland, OH, over 10 action-packed rounds winning the WBC Continental Americas Super Light title.

In the first round, it was all Mattice, and in the second round, all Tapia. In the third round, a chopping right from Mattice on the chin of Tapia almost dropped him. He came back well the rest of the round. In the fourth round, it was all Tapia having Mattice holding on for the most part.

In the fifth round, Tapia had Mattice hurt, only to be hurt himself in the final minute by Tapia. In the sixth round, Tapia controlled the round forcing Mattice to back up the entire round, landing half a dozen jabs at one point of the round. In the seventh round, Mattice rocked Tapia with an overhand right on the chin midway in the round, having Tapia holding most of the rest of the round.

In the eighth round, it was Tapia chasing Mattice all over the ring. In the ninth round, a war broke out, with both having their moments, with Tapia finishing the stronger of the two. In the tenth and final round, the bigger Mattice was out working Tapia until the final twenty seconds when he hurt Mattice with a right having him holding on until the bell.

Scores were 97-92 and 96-93 twice, as did this writer have it. The referee was David Fields.

In the co-feature, 2016 Olympian Richardson Hitchins, 15-0 (7), #140, of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Yomar “The Majic” Alamo, 20-2-1 (12), #138.5, of Caguas, PR, after eight lopsided rounds of a scheduled 12 rounds for the IBF North American Junior welterweight title.

In the first three rounds, Hitchins controlled the fight with his jab chasing down Alamo, whose face is very red. In the fourth through the sixth rounds, Alamo kept running with little offense as Hitchins used his jab and occasional rights to the body when he caught up to Alamo.

At the end of the sixth round, Alamo’s corner told him to start throwing punches or else. In the seventh round, Hitchins had Alamo against the ropes throughout the fight on the defense. In the eighth round, the fans continue to boo Hitchins due to the fact he called out main event boxer Love all week up to the fight. Hitchins drew blood from the nose of the Alamo midway.

At the end of the eighth round, Alamo’s corner wisely stopped the fight. The referee was Cliff Pinkney.

WBA Continental Americas Featherweight champ southpaw Raymond “Savage” Ford, 13-0-1 (7), #126, of Camden, NJ, knocked out Sakaria “Desert Storm” Lukas, 25-2-1 (17), #128, of Windhoek, Nambia, at 2:20 of the eighth round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first round first minute, a left to the chin and a right to the body from Ford dropped Lukas for an 8-count from Referee James Easter.

Lukas managed to get through the round being outpunched. In the second round, Lukas came out landing lead rights backing up Ford until the final seconds of the round when Ford landed a left on the chin.

In the third and fourth rounds, Lukas again controlled the round with rights to the chin of Ford out-working him. In the fifth and sixth rounds, Ford finally took control in a pair of close rounds. In the seventh round, referee Easter took a point from Lukas for holding. By the end of the round, it was Lukas in control.

In the eighth round, a vicious right hook from Ford knocked Lukas down and out as referee Easter waved it off. This was a close fight all the way until the knockout.

In the Super Feather division 2008, Olympian southpaw Raynell Williams, 14-1 (7), #130.5, of Cleveland, OH, defeated Ryizeemmion “Humble Beast” Ford, 8-3 (6), #131, of Alliance, OH, scoring a lone knockdown over six rounds.

After suffering a loss in 2017, Williams retired for five years, with this his second fight back. In the first round halfway point, Williams landed a right hook dropping Ford for an 8-count from Referee James Easter. Ford became more aggressive after this, having claimed he slipped. In the third round’s final minute, Williams landed a solid left to the chin of the taller Ford. In the sixth and final round, Williams out landed Ford, whose accuracy was not good. Williams is the older brother of main event boxer Montana Love.

Scores were all 60-53, as was this writer.

In the fourth round, the aggressive Ford’s jabs are falling short, for the most part being outworked by Williams. In the fifth round, Williams dominated, countering Ford. In the sixth and final round
Light Heavyweight Khalil “Big Steppa” Coe, 4-0-1 (2), #174, of Jersey City, NJ, defeated Bradley “The Underdog” Olmeda, 5-1 (3), #175.5, of Mayaguez, PR, over 6 dull rounds.

In the second round, Olmeda did more moving around the ring than throwing a punch giving the round to Coe. In the third round, the first solid punch was landed by Coe on the chin of Olmeda who continues dancing while Coe starts showboating.

In the fifth round, final minute Coe dropped Olmeda with a jab on the chin for an 8-count from Referee Cliff Pinkney. In the sixth and final rounds, final minute Coe hurt Olmeda with a flurry of punches but left him off the hook.

Scores were all 60-53, as was this writer.

Super Feather 2021 Olympic Silver Medalist Beatriz Ferreira, 1-0 (0), #130.5, of Salvador, Bahia, BRZ, defeated Taynna Cardoso, 5-1 (1), #131, of Jundial, Sao Paulo, BRZ, scoring two knockdowns over four rounds.

The commission allowed this bout to go 3 minutes, unlike the usual 2. In the first round final minute, a right from Ferreira on the chin and down went Cardoso for an 8-count from Referee Cliff Pinkney. In the second round, the aggressive Ferreira continued out, landing Cardoso. In the final minute of the third round, a left to the body from Ferreira dropped Cardoso for an 8-count. Later Ferreira almost dropped Cardoso again at the end of the round, driving her into the ropes.

In the fourth round and final round, Ferreira trying for the knockout was getting held continuously by Cardoso to survive the round, which she did. Cardoso had swelling under her left eye by the end of the fight.
All scores were 40-34, as was this writer.

Nikoloz Sekhniashvili, 8-1 (6), #153 ½, of Gori, GEO, stopped David “Cruzito” Rodriguez, 6-1 (2), #155, of Akron, OH, at the end of 3 rounds of a scheduled six rounds.

Twenty seconds into the first round, coming back from 15 months of inactivity, Sekhniashvili landed a left hook on the chin, dropping Rodriguez into a neutral corner for an 8-count from Referee James Easter.

By the end of the round, there was swelling under the right eye of Rodriguez. At the end of the third round, Rodriguez had so much swelling that his right eye was closed, and the ring physician came in and stopped the fight.

Ring Announcer David Diamante.

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