Bivol fighting Canelo at 168 sounds good to Sergio Mora

By Boxing News - 11/16/2022 - Comments

By Craig Page: Sergio Mora favors Dmitry Bivol coming down from 175 to rematch Canelo Alvarez at 168 for his four belts in the super middleweight division.

There are more interesting fights for Bivol at 168 than at 175, and he can make more money.

The former junior middleweight champion, ‘The Latin Snake’ Mora, feels that Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) is young enough to come down to 168 to challenge Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) for his undisputed championship at super middleweight.

Mora says if the 6’1″ Bivol can reduce weight to fight at 168 “safely,” he likes the idea of the rematch with Canelo taking place in this division.

Canelo needs to be the one to decide if he wants to make the rematch at 168 or 175, as he’s the A-side and will be calling the shots in the negotiations.

Canelo has pride and might not want to be viewed as looking to gain a weight advantage over Bivol, but the Mexican star has done it before with his catchweight fights and his rehydration clauses.

What we saw last May is that Bivol is so dominant and more skilled than Canelo; it won’t be fair if the rematch between them takes place at 175. Without a weight handicap for Canelo, he stands no chance of beating Bivol because he lacks the size and, more importantly, the boxing ability to defeat him.

Despite Canelo winning world titles in four weight classes, he’s not a great boxer. He’s just a counterpuncher with heavy hands and good hand speed, who incorporated many of the things from Floyd Mayweather’s game into his own.

I love the sound of that, but it’s up to Bivol if he can fluctuate weight safely,” said Sergio Mora to DAZN’s JABS about Dmitry Bivol coming down to 168 for the Canelo Alvarez rematch.

“It’s one thing for Bivol, who has campaigned at 175 for the last handful of fights to dry up to 168 and have an excuse. He’s a man who fights behind the jab and his brilliant footwork.”

As long as Bivol is comfortable about draining down to 168 to give Canelo a handicap, it sounds like a great way to add to his legacy by becoming an undisputed champion.

The first thing you lose if you’re dehydrated when you’re going down the weight is your legs.

“Now, if you can do it safely, with time, he’s still young enough, then I’m all for Canelo. Canelo wants that fight,” said Mora.

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