Charr to Fury: “You’re a scared boy”

By Boxing News - 10/02/2022 - Comments

By Adam Baskin: Manuel Charr is badgering WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury to sign the contract for them to fight on December 3rd.

Fury has talked of wanting to fight Charr after losing patience during talks for a fight against Anthony Joshua. That fight doesn’t look promising right now.

Fury has already set deadlines that Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) has failed to meet, and he’s starting to look silly in the eyes of the boxing world.

When you set deadlines that aren’t adhered to, you’re supposed to move on; otherwise, you look like a flake, and Fury is definitely looking like that.

Charr (33-4, 19 KOs) has won his last five fights since losing to Mairis Briedis in 20015, and he’s ready to add Fury’s name to his win column.

Fury’s dad, John Fury, says Andy Ruiz Jr, Luis Ortiz, and Filip Hrgovic are potential options for his next fight. However, it’s unlikely that any of those three heavyweights will be ready to fight on December 3rd.

They’re not the type of fighters that would jump into the ring on two months’ notice to challenge for a title.

“Mr. Big Giraffe? Where’s the paper?” Manuel Charr said to Sky Sports about Tyson Fury.

You didn’t sign. You make the same play like Anthony Joshua. I can’t understand. Yesterday you shoot your mouth [off] very big. You want to fight two guys in a night. Send the paper and make the fight happen.”

It’s unknown why Fury isn’t sending the contract over to Charr for the fight because he appears serious about wanting to challenge him.

If Fury has decided to wait Joshua out, hoping that fight can still be salvaged, he might be wasting his time. There’s too much stuff to go through with the contract for Joshua to be ready to go by December 3rd.

Are you scared? You’re a scared boy, you little big dosser?” said Charr to Fury.

“Mr. Big Giraffe, I’m waiting for you. Yesterday you had a big mouth. Where is the agreement? I signed, but where is yours?” said Charr.

I don’t think Fury is afraid to fight Charr. It’s more of a case of him wanting to make sure he exhausts every effort to make the Joshua fight, which will pay a lot more.

“We didn’t have a response from your promoter Frank Warren. Sign the agreement. Send me the paper. I’m waiting for you,” said Charr.