Joe Goosen impressed with how Deontay Wilder looks at 214

By Boxing News - 10/14/2022 - Comments

By Robert Segal: Trainer Joe Goosen really likes how Deontay Wilder has trimmed down to 214 lbs for his fight against Robert Helenius this Saturday night.

Goosen notes that Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) has always been at his best when his weight was low, around 214 & 215. In Wilder’s last two fights against Tyson Fury, he’s gone away from that, choosing to bulk up to the 230s, which slowed him down and impacted his cardio negatively.

Now with Wilder back at his old weight at 214 1/2 lbs for Saturday’s fight against Helenius (31-3, 20 KOs) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Goosen expects fans to see the old fighter he’d been in the past.

Goosen feels that Wilder has rededicated himself to boxing, and he expects him to recapture a world title at some point. We’ll see on Saturday night if Wilder’s new weight helps him against the 253-lb Helenius because he’s giving away a lot of weight.

We’re going to see the Finnish fighter likely be following Fury’s blueprint to wear Wilder down by leaning on him.

“I think it’s incredible because that’s the weight that he was best at. 214, 215, right around in there,” said trainer Joe Goosen to Fight Hub TV when asked about his thoughts on Deontay Wilder weighing in at 214 1/2 lbs on Friday for his fight this Saturday night against Robert Helenius.

“As time went on, he started putting on weight. That happens with heavyweights, but I think by him getting back down where he was at his best, 214, 215, right around there.

“I think it shows that he’s rededicated himself to his craft, and he just sounds different; he looks different. He’s in a great mood. He put in the rounds.

“I know he went with Malik and JD and John House in Las Vegas. He put in 400, or 500 rounds there, in total, probably with sparring, and for a heavyweight, that’s a lot of work. It shows.

“I think Helenius is probably left no stone unturned either. I think it’s going to be a resurgence of Deontay Wilder where he’s going to recapture the heavyweight title eventually because he’s a phenomenal fighter.

“He’s got an incredible right hand, and he’s a good person. I really like Deontay, and I wish him well. Of course, I used to train his trainer, Malik Scott. I’ve got a little bit of personal interest in that regard.

“Yeah, I just think Deontay looks incredible. He put in the work this time. I don’t think you can say much more than that. There might be a 25-pound weight differential, but there isn’t. Sometimes you can punch better at a lighter weight.

“You’re faster, sharper, more crisp, and I think in this regard, we’re referring to Deontay, right? I think he was most explosive when he was this weight. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage, as a heavyweight, to be lighter than your opponent. There are plenty of examples of that throughout history.

“When I look at Wilder, sometimes their personality can tell you where they’re at mentally as well as physically. Wilder’s personality is sky-high. He’s very happy. He’s in a good spot. That’s very meaningful if you’re a trainer. You know what that means.

“He’s not just happy and loose right now. It’s because he feels confident in himself because he put in the work. When you put in the work, you can have a little bit of a carefree attitude because on fight night, you’re going to turn it on and do your job.

“So, I see that difference in Deontay. He has a lot of confidence right now. When you’re confident, you can present yourself as a relaxed guy, and he is right now,” said Goosen about Wilder.

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