Rolly Romero says Ryan Garcia should only fight Tank Davis at 140

By Boxing News - 09/04/2022 - Comments

By Robert Segal: Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero is advising Ryan Garcia to stick to his guns and only fight Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis at 140, not 135.

Rolly says that if Tank tries to insist on Ryan fighting at 135, then he shouldn’t take the fight because he needs to compete where he’s “comfortable.

Further, Rolly states that Tank Davis needs Ryan and not the other way around. According to Rolly, Tank can’t sell pay-per-views because “he has no personality.” For Tank to sell, he needs either Rolly or Ryan Garcia to help him.

Rolly says Ryan Garcia will beat Tank, and he’s certain of that. Although Rolly isn’t saying how he knows it, he feels confident that Ryan will do a number on Gervonta when the fight comes off in December.

“Ryan should take the fight at 140. F*** that, they need Ryan,” said Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero to Fighthype about his advice for Ryan Garcia for the Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis fight.

Tank needs Ryan, not the other way around,” Rolly continued. “Ryan is a f**** superstar. That was because of me,” said Rolly when reminded that his pay-per-view fight against Gervonta brought in good numbers.

“At the end of it, he [Tank Davis] needs someone that can sell a damn fight with him if he wants to sell that kind of money. The thing is, that means he needs Ryan. The same way he needed me.

“Nah,” said Rolly when asked if a rematch between Gervonta and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz will do good PPV numbers. “That fight didn’t sell the first time, and it’s not going to sell a second time.

“He [Gervonta] needs somebody that will sell the damn fight, and that person in that division is either me or Ryan.

“There’s nobody else in that division that sells fights, and Tank can’t sell a fight unless there’s somebody over there that can actually sell a fight because he has zero personality.

“Then don’t fight,” said Rolly about his advice for Ryan not to take the fight with Tank if he insists on it happening at 135.

“Fight where you’re comfortable. Remember that. Ryan can beat Tank. I ain’t going to say, but he can beat Tank. Nah, he’s going to beat Tank. He’s just going to beat him. You’ll see,” said Rolly.

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