Boxing Results: Shakur Stevenson Defeats Conceicao in Newark!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey on Friday over ESPN Bob Arum (Top Rank) in the Main Event in a non-title bout 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist, former WBO Feather and WBC & WBO Super Featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson lost his title at the scales coming in 1.6 overweight but easily defeated the 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist No. 2 ranked Robson Conceicao of Brazil over 12 rounds scoring a lone knockdown.

In the Main Event non-title bout former WBO Feather champ, WBC & WBO World Super Feather champ southpaw Shakur Stevenson, 19-0 (9), #131.6, of Newark, NJ, defeated Robson Conceicao, 17-2 (8), #129 ½, of Salvador, Bahia, BRZ, over 12 lopsided rounds.

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In the first round several times southpaw Stevenson stunned Conceicao with a left on the chin with little landing otherwise from either boxer. In the second round Conceicao seemed to have a problem connecting with his punches as Stevenson countered him. In the third round Stevenson was warned twice for low blows by Referee David Fields. He continued dominating Conceicao the entire round.

In the fourth rounds final second a left from Stevenson to the body dropped Conceicao for an 8-count from referee Fields as the bell sounded. In the fifth round Stevenson continued to control the fight. In the sixth round again Stevenson was warned twice for low blows by referee Fields. With 20 seconds left in the round a left from Stevenson hurt Conceicao.

In the seventh and eighth rounds it was all Stevenson with Conceicao grabbing and walked him to the ropes having little offense. In the ninth rounds halfway point Stevenson lost a point for flipping Conceicao to the canvas. Conceicao has had problems the entire fight landing flush with his punches due to the defense of Stevenson and countering offense.

In the tenth round with a minute remaining again Stevenson flipped Conceicao to the canvas not losing a point again just receiving a warning from referee Fields. Stevenson gets frustrated due to much holding by Conceicao.

In the eleventh round with Conceicao in survivor role Stevenson is trying to end the fight with one punch. In the twelfth and final round of a lopsided fight Stevenson continued looking to close the show but Conceicao when in trouble was able to clinch.

Both judge’s Lynne Carter and Steve Weisfeld 117-109, John Signore 118-108 and 119-108 by this writer.

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WBO Latino Junior Lightweight champ southpaw Henry “Moncho” Lebron, 17-0 (10), #130, of Aguadilla, PR, easily defeated Andy “El Tiburon” Vences, 23-4-1 (12), #129 ¾, of San Jose, CA, over 8 rounds despite both being cut.

In the first rounds final minute Lebron opened a cut over the left eye on the forehead of Vences. In the second round a clash of heads caused a cut on the right eyebrow of Lebron. In the third round Lebron gave Vences a boxing lesson. In the fourth round Lebron continued countering Vences who came forward but landed little.

In the fifth and sixth rounds Vences kept coming forward but getting countered. In the seventh round it was all Lebron. In the eighth and final round Lebron was trying for a stoppage up until the final minute when he finished the fight countering Vences. Referee was Shada Murdaugh.

Scores were 78-74, 79-73 and 80-72 as did this writer.

Welter Jahi Tucker, 9-0 (5), #147 ¾, of Deer Park, NY, easily defeated Jose “Guerro” Luis Sanchez, 11-3-1 (4), #148 ¼, of Albuquerque, NM, over 8 rounds.

In the first three rounds Tucker boxed well enough to take the round keeping Sanchez on the end of a jab throughout moving around the ring well. In the fourth and fifth rounds Tucker continued to control.

In the sixth and seventh rounds Sanchez seemed exhausted being out landed by Tucker. In the eighth and final round knowing he needed a knockout Sanchez followed Tucker around the ring walking into punches. Referee was Erik Dali.

Scores were 80-72 twice and 79-73 with this writer 80-72.

Lightweight 2021 Olympic Silver Medalist Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis, 6-0 (5), #136 ¼, of Norfolk, VA, stopped Omar “Heroe” Tienda, 25-6 (18), #136 ½, of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, MEX, at 1:38 of round five of a scheduled 8 rounds scoring a knockdown.

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In the first three rounds it was all Davis countering Tienda who was on the defense for the most part. In the fourth round a frustrated Tienda flipped Davis to the canvas getting a mild warning from Referee Earl Brown.

In the fifth round Davis dropped Tienda with a counter right on the top of the head for an 8-count from Referee Earl Brown. Upon rising Tienda went on the defense against the ropes as Davis landed close to ten punches without return forcing referee Brown to call a halt.

Featherweight southpaw Orlando “Capu” Gonzalez Ruiz, 18-2 (11), #127 ¼, of Aguadilla, PR, lost to Misael Lopez, 14-1 (5), #126 ¼, of Agua Prieta, Sonora, MEX, over 8 action rounds.

In the first round southpaw Gonzalez out landed Lopez hurting him halfway through the round with a left to the chin while having him in a corner. In the second and third rounds Gonzalez continued staying a step ahead of Lopez until the halfway point when Lopez landed a lead right to the midsection of Gonzalez. In the fourth round Lopez had a big round starting after the first minute landing half a dozen unanswered punches from Gonzalez.

In the fifth round it was Gonzalez coming back and taking over until the final minute when a war broke out between both of them. In the sixth round Lopez had a big round going to the body well of Gonzalez.

In the seventh round Lopez seemed to have a slight edge. In the eighth and final round again a war broke out with Lopez having an edge in the end. Referee was Erik Dali.

Scores were 78-74, 79-73 and 77-75 as did this writer.

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Feather Bruce “Shu-Shu” Carrington, 5-0 (3), #126 ½, of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, easily defeated Jose Argel, 9-5 (3), #126 ¾, of Santiago Chile and Carolina, PR, over 6 lopsided rounds.

In the first two rounds Carrington ripped right uppercuts to the body of Argel taking the steam out of any offense on his part except for a late hit by Argel landing a right on the chin as Referee Erik Dali was breaking them. In the third round Carrington had Argel holding on in the final seconds from all the body shots.

In the fourth round halfway through dealing out plenty of punishment Carrington shook his right hand as if he injured it. In the fifth round Carrington kept landing with both punches to the body of Argel. In the sixth and final round Carrington kept out working Argel mostly with the left hand. The referee was Erik Dali.

Scores were all 60-54 as was this writers.

Super Bantam Floyd “Cashflow” Diaz, 7-0 (2), #122 ¾, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Juan “The Rabbit” Hernandez, 2-2-1 (0), #123, of Gomez Palacio, Durango, MEX, scoring a knockdown over 6 action packed rounds.

In the first two rounds Diaz switching from orthodox to southpaw easily took the first round using an effective jab. Hernandez came back well enough to take the second round outworking Diaz. In the third round with 15 seconds remaining a right from Diaz on the chin dropped Hernandez for an 8-count from Referee Earl Brown with seconds left.

In the fourth round Hernandez came back almost well enough to take the round. In the fifth round Hernandez hurt Diaz with an uppercut halfway through the round taking the round. In the sixth and final round it was close with Diaz edging out a win.

Scores were 59-54, 58-55 twice same for this writer.

Welter Pablo “Pretty Boy” Valdez, 7-0 (6), #153 ½, of Lower East Side, New York, stopped Noe “Pico” Alejandro Lopez, 11-6-1 (4), #152 ¼, of MEX and Spring, TX, at 2:45 of the fourth round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

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In the first two rounds Lopez dominate countering almost at will against the ever coming forward Valdez who only showed offense when he had Lopez against the ropes. In the third round a right from Valdez on the chin dropped Lopez for an 8-count from Referee Shada Murdaugh halfway through the round.

In the fourth round Valdez dropped Lopez halfway through the round with a left to the chin of Lopez for an 8-count from referee Murdaugh. In the final minute a left hook to the side from Valdez dropped Lopez to his knees as he spit out the mouthpiece forcing referee Murdaugh to wave it off.

In a rematch Welter Antoine Cobb, 1-0-2 (1), #144, of Chicago, IL, ended in a split draw with southpaw Jaylan “No Playin” Phillips, 1-2-2 (1), #141 ¾, of Ebro, FL, 4 rounds.

In the first two rounds southpaw Phillips out boxed Cobb staying a step ahead of him and countering well. In the third and fourth rounds Cobbs came back well making it close enough to a draw or losing it. Referee was Shada Murdaugh.

Scores were 39-37 Phillips, 40-36 Cobb and 38-38 a split draw and 39-36 this writer.

Ring Announcer Mark Shunock.

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