Boxing Results: Danny Garcia Dominates Jose Benavidez, Jr!

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By Ken Hissner – At Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, Saturday over Showtime Tom Brown (TGB Promotions) and Premier Boxing Champions presented in the Main Event former WBC & WBA Light Welterweight and WBC Welterweight World champion Danny “Swift” Garcia returning after 19 months put on a classic boxing exhibition over former WBA Interim Super Lightweight champion Jose “Merciless” Benavidez, Jr. 

In the Main Event at Super Welterweight former 2 division champ Danny “Swift” Garcia, 37-3 (21), #152¾, of Philadelphia, PA, easily defeated by majority decision over former interim Super Light champ “Merciless” Jose Benavidez, 27-2-1 (18), #153¾, of Phoenix, AZ, over 12 rounds.

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In the first three rounds Benavidez was the aggressor while Garcia countered well taking all three rounds though close. 

In the fourth round Benavidez came back better in a close round with Garcia countering him. In the fifth round Garcia started showboating and paid the price from Benavidez. Garcia then opened up on Benavidez who kept his hands high not throwing much as Garcia finished with a flurry of punches taking the round. 

In the sixth and seventh rounds Garcia had a big rounds showing his hand speed out landing the defense minded Benavidez. In the eighth round Garcia continued out boxing Benavidez taking another round. 

In the ninth round it was close with Benavidez finally throwing more punches as Garcia kept up the counter punching. In the tenth round Garcia continued outworking Benavidez who is just going through the motions.

In the eleventh round Garcia continued outworking Benavidez who knew he needed a knockout but missed as much as he landed losing another round. In the twelfth and final round Garcia played to the crowd giving Benavidez s boxing lesson the entire night. Referee was Steve Willis who had an easy night.

Scores were 114-114, 116-112 and 117-111 with this writer 119-109.

Heavyweight Adam “Baby Face Assassin” Kownacki, 20-3 (15), #251¼, of Lomza, POL, and Brooklyn, NY, lost to Olympian Ali “Iceman” Eren Demirezen, 17-1 (12), #261¾, from TRK, and Hamburg, GER, over 10 action  rounds.

In the first round Polish fighter Kownacki coming of a pair of stoppages started with an effective jab and then started landing numerous unanswered punches halfway through the round with Demirezen landing occasional overhand rights to the chin. In the second round Kownacki continued landing punches in bunches while Demirezen did well keeping up with him though losing the round.

In the third and fourth rounds Demirezen had good rounds out landing Kownacki whose face started getting marked up. In the fifth round the action was furious with both having their moments while Demirezen again took another round.

In the sixth and seventh rounds the action continued with Demirezen outworking Kownacki who finished the stronger of the two but not enough to take the round. In the eighth round Kownacki came back well using the jab followed by rights to the chin outworking Demirezen finally taking a round since taking the first two.

In the ninth round Demirezen had Kownacki against the ropes in the first minute outworking him. Kownacki needed a knockout but Demirezen wasn’t having any of it. In the tenth and final round Kownacki came out needing a knockout got cut under the left eyebrow and had a mark under the eye halfway through the round though out landing Demirezen up until that point. The rest of the round went back and forth that Kownacki seemed to pull out. Referee was Eric Dali.

Scores were 96-94 while 97-93 twice. This writer had it 96-94.

Super Lightweight southpaw Gary Antuanne Russell, 16-0 (16), #137¾, of Capitol Heights, MD, stopped former 2-division champ Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy, 29-2-1-1nc (15), #139½, of Havana, Cuba, and  Las Vegas, NV, at 0:50 of the sixth round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first round Russell dominated until inside the final minute when Barthelemy stunned him with a right on the chin making him hold on. In the second and third rounds Barthelemy continues going from orthodox to southpaw while Russell continued to pressure and outwork him.

In the fourth round Referee Shada Murdock warned Barthelemy for holding, but then started outpunching Russell with a strong finish in taking the round. In the fifth round again Barthelemy warned for holding. Both had their moments with Russell taking the round.

In the sixth round Russell had Barthelemy backing up when he landed a right hook thirty seconds into the round on the chin from Russell and off balance and  down went Barthelemy for an 8-count from referee Murdock while Barthelemy was up at four while the referee looked into the eyes of the fallen boxer and shockingly waved it off as the referee got a loud booing from the crowd which he deserved. 

Middleweight Sergiy “The Techician” Derevyanchenko, 14-4 (10), #159½, of Ukraine and Brooklyn, NY, defeated Joshua “Young Gun” Conley, 17-4-1 (11), #160, of San Bernardino, CA, over 10 rounds.

Scores were 99-91 twice and 98-92.

Super Welterweight Vito “White Majic” Mielnicki, 12-1 (8), #153¾, of Roseland, NY, Jimmy “Quiet Storm” Williams, 18-9-2 (6), #153, of New Haven, CT, at 2:12 of the sixth round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the 8th referee John Callas called a halt due to a cut in favor of Mielnicki.

Super Middleweight Junior “Sugar Boy” Younan, 17-0-1 (11), of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Dauren Yeleussinov, 10-2 (9), of KAZ and Brooklyn, NY, at 1:47 in the first round.

Ring Announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr.

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