George Kambosos believes Devin Haney is “Already broken”

By Boxing News - 06/01/2022 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: George Kambosos Jr. believes he’s “already broken” Devin Haney mentally going into Sunday’s fight, and he’s ready to relieve him of his “half piece” of his WBC lightweight title at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

Kambosos isn’t saying what he’s seen in Haney that makes him believe that he’s already broken, but it’s got something significant for him to have reached that conclusion.

IBF/WBA/WBO champion Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) has analyzed Haney (27-0, 15 KOs), and has concluded that he’s afraid and ready to be taken out.

Kambosos wonders how Haney will function without his trainer/dad Bill Haney being there to save him things start turning sour for him.

Not only does Haney not have his father Bill, but also his trainer Ben Davison couldn’t get into the country either. Will Haney be at 100% without those two workings his corner on Sunday night?

“Mentally I’m already under him. There are certain things I’ve seen already where I know they’re already broken,” said Kambosos to Fighthype about Haney. “He’s very scared, very timid. He still thinks this is just an act.

“I just keep doing what I do best, and I’ve got some interesting things to show the world and his fanbase the kind of person that he is,” Kambosos continued.

“Let’s see how he reacts when I show the world the kind of person he is. It’s similar to Lopez with that fake front. It’s the same with Devin Haney.

“He talks online about Canelo Alvarez, calling him a drug cheat. All of a sudden, he bumps into Canelo Alvarez, and you see him like a kid. ‘Can I get a photo?’ What kind of man is that? Be a man!

“If you’re going to be all in, be all in. I can’t wait to expose him inside the ropes. They can say all they want. Once we’re inside the ropes, it’s me and him, and there’s no for him to get out.

“I just hope this new team that he has, these new coaches that he’s never worked with before. I hope they actually love him.

“I hope they want to save him because if his dad’s not there, that’s not my problem. That’s not my fault. He will save you. These guys, I don’t think they’re going to save you.

“I’m still hunting because he’s got this half a piece [WBC], this piece that he never earned,” said Kambosos reacting to being told that he’s being hunted now. “I’m still hunting. Yes, I’m hunted, but I’m hunting as well,” said Kambosos.

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