George Kambosos tells De La Hoya: Ryan Garcia must “EARN” title shot against him

By Sean Jones:Ā  George Kambosos Jr. gave promoter Oscar De La Hoya some bad news on Wednesday night, telling him that his fighter Ryan Garcia must “EARN” a title shot against his four lightweight titles by beating a “few big names.

To put it another way, Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) is giving Golden Boy boss De La Hoya the royal brush-off by setting up hurdles that the unbeaten Ryan Garcia must overcome before he’s given a chance to fight for “them beautiful belts.”

The highly experienced & accomplished De La Hoya had given the 28-year-old Kambosos Jr. some helpful advice, letting him know that he can “make the most money’ fighting the popular Ryan Garcia rather than the other fighters that he’s considering for his next fight.

Kambosos wants Ryan Garcia to “EARN” fight

IBF/WBA/WBC Franchise/WBO lightweight champion Kambosos Jr. is fighting on June 5th at the 53,359-seat Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia for his next fight.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist Vasily Lomachenko is reportedly in the pole position to get the fight against Kambosos.

Image: George Kambosos tells De La Hoya: Ryan Garcia must "EARN" title shot against him

According to ESPN, Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) has already agreed to a rematch clause to give Kambosos a second fight should he defeat him on June 5th, and Loma is also on board with the money for the fight.

Lomachenko will take the small money to get the opportunity to challenge the brash self-praising Kambosos.

If everything goes in Lomachenko’s favor, he’ll hold all four titles after June 5th, and Kambosos’s 15 minutes of fame will be in the dustbin of history like many fighters before him that briefly held titles.

What Kambosos says about wanting Ryan Garcia to earn a title shot against him by beating three solid top lightweights would make perfect sense if the Australian had the talent to hold onto his four belts long enough for that scenario to play out.

Lomachenko likely to dethrone Kambosos

Sean Jones hates to drizzle on Kambosos’ parade, but the reality is, he’s going to get battered & beaten by Lomachenko on June 5th, totally embarrassed in front of his own fans in Melbourne, Australia.

If Kambosos chooses not to fight Lomachenko, he’ll lose just the same to WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney.

Loma and Haney are on a different perch than Kambosos, who arguably talent-wise, is more down at the level of the Mickey Beys and Lee Selbys at lightweight, in Sean Jones’ opinion.

There are at least ten lightweights that would dethrone Kambosos if given the opportunity to fight him, and Lomachenko and Haney are just two of the many.

From Kambosos’ standpoint, it makes sense for him to fight Lomachenko in a two-fight deal, especially if the talented Ukrainian is agreeing to be paid next to nothing for those two fights.

At the end of those two fights, Kambosos will be a rich millionaire, set for a life of leisure, and it won’t matter that he’ll no longer be in possession of “them beautiful belts.” It won’t be surprising if Kambosos’ net worth after his two fights with Lomachenko will be in the $10 million range, and he’ll be living like a king for the rest of his existence.

Great trainer choice by Ryan Garcia. Goosen will bring out the best,” said De La Hoya in favoring Ryan’s choice of Joe Goosen as the replacement coach for Eddy Reynoso.

Ryan Garcia can’t go wrong with Joe Goosen as his new trainer to replace Reynoso. It was obvious after Canelo Alvarez criticized Ryan publically that he needed to leave that training situation, and it was a wise move on King Ry’s part in doing so.

The last thing that Ryan needed was to train in an environment that he wasn’t comfortable in.

Perhaps Canelo’s motive for criticizing Ryan in public was a well-intentioned move on his part, but maybe it was jealousy on his part seeing the huge appeal King Ry had with the younger teenage boxing fans.

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