Chris Eubank Jr open to facing Khan vs. Brook winner if no Golovkin fight

By Boxing News - 02/09/2022 - Comments

By Charles Brun: Chris Eubank Jr. is willing to fight the winner of the February 19th welterweight match between Amir Khan and Kell Brook IF he can’t get a title shot against IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin next.

Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs) beat Liam Williams last Saturday night in a fight that attracted a lot of attention worldwide, despite it being essentially a domestic-level match.

The past their best 35-year-old Khan and Brook are fighting this month on February 19th on  Sky Box Office pay-per-view at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Khan (34-5, 21 KOs) has already made it known that he plans on retiring after his fight.

With a huge fortune estimated at $40 million, Khan doesn’t need to take a fight against Eubank Jr. to make money because he’s already financially set.

There’s no chance that Khan will accept a fight with Eubank Jr, especially considering what happened to him when he moved up to middleweight to face Canelo Alvarez in 2016. Khan was knocked cold by Canelo in the sixth round of that contest, and obviously, he doesn’t want to risk going through that experience again.

Eubank Jr. ready to fight Khan-Brook winner

“If the fans want it, then absolutely,” said Eubank Jr to Sky Sports on the possibility of him fighting the Khan vs. Brook winner of their February 19th match.

“Would a fight with the winner be a possibility? Absolutely. If the fans want it, I’m down 100 percent,” Eubank Jr. said on fighting the Khan vs. Brook winner.

We’re gunning for a big name and a big title in the summer,” Eubank Jr. said.

Eubank Jr. stands a much better chance of getting a fight against former IBF welterweight champion Brook (39-3, 27 KOs), considering he hasn’t made the kind of money Khan has in his career.

Brook is ambitious and would likely be open to that type of fight against Eubank Jr. if it’s the best option available.

#1 WBA ranked middleweight contender Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs) appears to be trying to make the most of his dwindling career.

Image: Chris Eubank Jr open to facing Khan vs. Brook winner if no Golovkin fight

Despite being a professional for eleven years since 2011, the 32-year-old Eubank Jr. has very little to show for himself. You can argue that Eubank Jr. has wasted a lot of opportunities he could have had to make money by not staying active enough and fighting domestic-level opposition.

Eubank Jr. wants a  title shot against IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, but that fight isn’t going to be available for him in the summer.

Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) is waiting to get his unification fight against WBA champion Ryota Murata out of the way. The 39-year-old Golovkin invested all of 2021 waiting on the match and still hasn’t happened.

In hindsight, Golovkin would have been better off staying busy defending his IBF title three times in 2021 and once in the first quarter of 2022.

The money Golovkin would have made staying busy would likely have been far more than he’ll receive fighting the inactive 35-year-old Murata  (16-2, 13 KOs).

Hopefully, Golovkin doesn’t waste all of 2022  waiting on the Murata fight because, at some point, he’s got to move on rather than wasting years on this fight.

Eubank Jr. amused by Benn’s comments

Welterweight Conor Benn commented on social media last weekend, saying that he would fancy his chances against Eubank Jr. in a catchweight fight.

However, Benn’s promoter Eddie Hearn has already rejected the idea of a fight with Eubank Jr. happening. Hearn says he wants to get several more fights under Benn’sbelt at welterweight before matching him against one of the world champions.

We’re so far apart in terms of where we are in our careers,” said Eubank Jr. on Conor Benn saying he’s fancy his chances against him in a catchweight fight.

I giggled when I saw that because he obviously doesn’t know what it really would take to get in the ring with me,” Eubank Jr. added about Benn.

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