Ryan Garcia says he’ll fight George Kambosos next

By Boxing News - 11/30/2021 - Comments

By Sean Jones: Ryan Garcia came out of the woodwork last Saturday night on social media saying that he wants to return to the ring against George Kambosos Jr. after watching him take apart Teofimo Lopez.

After disappointing fans the entire year, Ryan (21-0, 18 KOs) had the gall to say he’s going to fight undisputed lightweight champion Kambosos in his return to the ring. What is Ryan thinking?

Kambosos obviously has had it hard coming up the ladder, but he’s not going to let King Ryan lord over him like he’s one of his minions.

My return fight, I’ll fight Kambosos 🥊👀” said Ryan Garcia on Twitter.

His inflated sense of entitlement is alarming. I mean, what happened to the old days where fighters had to work for a title shot?

Ryan, 23, needs to get off his high horse and start grinding in the salt mines like the rest of the contenders vying for a world title shot. Unfortunately for Ryan, he’s not in the position to make demands.

‘King Ry’ may be forgetting that he’s not dealing with Devin Haney, who would give him a title shot at the drop of the hat.

Ryan has gotten so accustomed to getting whatever fights he wants to be handed to him on a silver platter that he seems to assume he’ll be able to do the same thing with Kambosos.

Ryan can’t order Kambosos to give him a title shot like he’s some King talking to one of his lackeys. Kambosos isn’t going to throw Ryan a bone by giving him an undeserving title shot.

Sean Jones doubts it’ll work this time for Ryan. I think Ryan has finally found a champion that won’t agree to give him a shot, especially after seeing his poor track record in following through.

Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) made it clear last Saturday night after making a mess of the one-dimensional plodder Teofimo by saying that he ONLY wants to fight the best.

Image: Ryan Garcia says he'll fight George Kambosos next

The last time I checked, Ryan Garcia is belt-less and has fumbled away his chances for big fights in 2021 against Haney, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, Javier Fortuna, and Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz Jr.

Ryan had four opportunities for important contests this year and threw them all away.  It’s alarming to see all the opportunities that Ryan had and he did nothing with them.

I don’t like this from Teofimo. Just take it on the chin and keep it moving,” said Ryan.