George Kambosos ready for War against Teofimo Lopez

By Boxing News - 11/15/2021 - Comments

By Sean Jones: George Kambosos Jr. says he wants his fight with Teofimo Lopez to be a “war” on November 27th when the two unbeaten lightweights meet up in the headliner event on DAZN at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Not known for having any power to speak of, Kambosos Jr. (19-0, 10 KOs) surprisingly believes he’s got enough pop in his punches to potentially knock out the unbeaten IBF, WBA & WBO lightweight champion Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs).

Typically, Kambosos Jr. is a volume puncher, who when he does score knockouts, it’s from having landed an accumulation of shots over a long duration against less than stellar opposition.

The ten guys that Kambosos Jr. has knocked out during his eight-year professional career were obscure fighters that most hardcore boxing fans have never heard of.

Of the only two well-known opponents that Kambosos has faced as a pro, 37-year-old Mickey Bey and 34-year-old Lee Selby, he was forced to labor to a pair of close split decision wins.

Unable to knock out those two old lions, Kambosos Jr. showed that he couldn’t punch at the first tier level, and he’s going to have MASSIVE problems against Teofimo on November 27th unless the New Yorker suffers an injury.

Kambosos says Teofimo fears him

“I Thrive In WAR Crossed swords I Am War Ready #AndNew,” said George Kambosos Jr. on Twitter.

“I’m very, very excited. It’s been a long process, and I’ve been very focused throughout the whole situation,” said Kambosos Jr. to FOX Sports about his fight with Teofimo on November 27th.

Image: George Kambosos ready for War against Teofimo Lopez

“That’s the kind of fighter that I am, and I’m so close to making history in Australia and touching all that gold [Teofimo’s three world titles]. I’m so excited,” Kambosos Jr. continued.

“Every session is spot on, and I’m just ready to fight. It’s huge. Listen, those three belts, WBC Franchise and Ring Magazine, it’s never been done in Australian history,” Kambosos Jr. said of his dreams of beating Teofimo to capture his titles.

“This is going to be a mega-sporting event and history taking place. So it’s just another fight for me, but I know what’s at stake. I’m just so excited with everything that’s happened,” said Kambosos.

“I’m going to make a statement, and I know those belts are going to be around me anyway.

I think he [Teofimo] fears me, I think he’s scared, and I saw it when we faced off, and he saw the kind of fighter I am in my eyes. I think he’s trying to dismiss me as fast as he can. He doesn’t want to talk about me,” said a deluded-sounding Kambosos Jr.

Sean Jones saw the same meeting between Teofimo and Kambosos Jr, and I didn’t see any fear whatsoever in Teo’s face.

He looked like he was ready to laugh at Kambosos Jr because of the strange confidence that he was showing. Kambosos Jr. looked like he had no clue what he was up against in facing Teofimo.

Hopefully, Kambosos Jr. understands how overmatched he is by November 27th so that he can fight defensively to keep from getting knocked out in the first round by Teofimo because that’s what Teo is predicting.

Teofimo will be destroyed, says George

“He wants to try and get rid of me in one round, but it’s not going to be like that,” said Kambosos Jr. of Teofimo. “I’m fully prepared for 12 rounds, and I’m going to break this kid down. Don’t be surprised if I knock him out early, and I’m fully prepared for what comes.

“He says ‘One round,’ no problem,” said Kambosos in reacting to Teofimo’s first round knockout prediction. “Bring your best, and I’m going to bring my best and win this fight.

“In a huge shock,” said Kambosos Jr. when asked what kind of shock is Teofimo Lopez in for on November 27th. “He doesn’t understand what I possess, and he will find out the hard way not only with my speed and my power but with my stamina. I’m coming to destroy this kid.

“This kid has caused a lot of heartache for everybody,” said an angry-sounding Kambosos about Teofimo. “So all that, but there is no emotion attached to it, but I will destroy this kid. I’m going to break him down and hurt him, and I’m ready to fight.

“Australia, get behind me. We’re bringing all those beautiful belts back home to Australia,” said Kambosos.

This could be a faster knockout for Teofimo than his first round stoppage of Richard Commey. At least with Commey, he was aware of the danger that Teofimo presented to him, but in Kambososo’s case, he looks like he has no awareness of what he’s walking into.

If this were a real war, Kambosos Jr. would be like a small platoon of 50 soldiers stumbling upon an entire regiment of 1000 well-armed troopers.