David Benavidez will easily stop Canelo Alvarez

By Jimmy James: Phoenix superstar David Benavidez defeated Kyrone Davis yesterday via TKO after his corner threw the towel. The fight showed two things about Benavidez, he is tough as nails, and unless he respects the opponent’s power, he will walk them down till he pulverizes their will.

Benavidez is undoubtedly the most dangerous boxer at 168lb. There is a reason why Caleb Plant, Billy Joe Saunders, Gilberto Ramirez, and Callum Smith avoided a unification against him when they were champions.

The quietest of his latest opponents has been Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez, who barely mentions Benavidez’s name when he speaks about ‘future rivals’ to other sports networks. In a recent video interview, Eddie Reynoso said that “Benavidez isn’t ready for Canelo and that they might consider that fight in two years.” In other words, Reinoso is saying he doesn’t want any smoke with Bandera Roja.

As a boxing fan looking at the division, it was hilarious to observe how Canelo had a sudden urge to grab the WBC title after Benavidez was suspended for not making weight. Why would Canelo suddenly want the WBC belt after Benavidez was suspended? And the reason why as The Athletic wrote, “Canelo wasn’t ordered to fight Yildrim, he requested it!”. In other words, ‘I am going to fight Yildrim to pretend I am not ducking Benavidez.’ In fact, let’s magically state Canelo as the WBC french-fry (franchise) champion and give him a nice belt, while Benavidez loses his belt, and Oscar Valdez keeps his after testing positive for PED’s! You couldn’t make this story up.

Canelo’s team has ducked fighters before like Demetrius Andrade, saying he would eventually fight him, but they never fought because Reynoso cannot defeat his style akin Oscar Valdez couldn’t beat Robson Conceicao a few weeks ago; Valdez will not give Conseicao a well-deserved rematch because Reynoso is not that great of a trainer, after all. Benavidez’s style is simply all wrong for Canelo, and Reynoso will not sacrifice Canelo to the hands of the young destroyer.

Do you think Benavidez is going to respect Canelo’s power? Wrong! He will go through Canelo like a tank crushing a truck, slowly picking him apart as the rounds move on, till he breaks his spirit and knocks him out. Benavidez is a big boy; he has sparred heavyweights and cruiserweights who have more power than Canelo. Unless Canelo is superman, he will be eaten alive in a fight where he will transfer his fame to Benavidez; Canelo and Reynoso know they can’t beat him!

Canelo does not have the leg movement to outbox Benavidez, and he is simply too small in size to take away his jab. Whenever Canelo slips a punch, Benavidez will throw a punch that will rock Canelo like Metallica’s first album. Canelo does not have the reach to counterpunch Benavidez, and he does not have the body mass to shove him away. Benavidez will put his weight on top of him, and Canelo will slowly tire as the rounds move on till his cardio starts to affect his performance.

On top of that, Benavidez has air power given his size, and no matter what Canelo throws at him, he will overwhelm Canelo, who will catch more dynamite than the Coyote trying to catch the roadrunner. If Canelo goes toe to toe with Benavidez, the fight will end quicker than if he tried to outbox him. Benavidez will win via KO or TKO stoppage, and the Canelo train will stop to a halt. Mark my words, Benavidez stops Canelo easily.