Boxing Results: WBO Feather Champ Emanuel Navarrete Wins War over Gonzalez!

By Boxing News - 10/16/2021 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the Pechanga Arena, in San Diego, CA, Friday over ESPN+ Bob Arum (Top Rank Boxing), in the Main Event former WBO Junior Featherweight and current World Featherweight champion Emanuel ”Vaquero” Navarrete defeated No. 1 ranked WBO International champion Joet Gonzalez in a war over 12 rounds.

In the co-feature returning home after seven years, southpaw Giovani Santillan won a lopsided decision over Angel “Relampago” Ruiz.

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In the Main Event WBO World Featherweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete, 34-1 (29), #125 ¾, of San Juan Zitlaeltepic, MEX, Joet Gonzalez, 24-1 (14), #125 ¼, of Glendora., CA, 12 rounds.

In the third round, a left hook to the right eye from Navarrete opened up a cut on the eyebrow of Gonzalez and a bad bruise under it. In the fourth round’s final seconds, Gonzalez rocked Navarrete with a right on the chin. In the seventh round, a left hook from Gonzalez on the chin of Navarrete drove him into a neutral corner in the final minute.

In the ninth round, Gonzalez trunks were pink from blood but fighting back every round while Navarrete kept up the pace in a war. In the tenth round, a low blow from Gonzalez dropped Navarrete getting a warning from the referee Ray Corona.

In the eleventh round, both fighters had their moments, with Gonzalez having an edge despite being cut under the left eye and over the right. In the twelfth and final round, the war continued for the entire three minutes with the belt on the line.

Scores were 118-110, 116-112 twice, with this writer 115-113.

In the co-feature, Giovani “Gallo de Oro” Santillan, 28-0 (15), #147, of San Diego, CA, won a lopsided decision over Angel “Relampago” Ruiz, 17-2 (12), #147 ¼, MEX, L.A., CA, over ten rounds.

In the first four rounds, Santillan had an edge outworking Ruiz. In the fifth round, Santillan had Ruiz in trouble in the final minute with a flurry of punches. In the eighth round, Ruiz was taking plenty of punishment.

In the ninth round, Santillan continued driving Ruiz around the ring. In the tenth and final round, both fighters let it all hang out with Santillan, all but closing the show.

Scores were 99-91 and 100-90 twice with this writer 99-91.

Santillan is managed by Dave McWater.

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Super Featherweight southpaw Henry “Moncho” Lebron, 14-0 (9), #131, of Aguadilla, PR, won a lopsided decision over Manuel Rey Rojas, 21-7 (6), #130 ¼, of Dallas, TX, over eight rounds.

In the fourth round, a right from Rojas on the side of the head of Lebron had him covering up in the final thirty seconds. In the eighth and final round, Lebron caused a cut on the forehead of Rojas in the final minute.

Super Lightweight Olympian Lindolfo Delgado, 14-0 (12), #141 ½, of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX, remained unbeaten defeating Juan “Tortas” Garcia Mendez, 21-5-2 (13), #140 ¼, of Mexicali, Baja CA, Mex, scoring a knockdown over eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, there was little to choose between the two fighters as they mixed it up well. In the fourth round, rights to the head from Delgado drew blood from the nose of Mendez.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, Delgado landed hard rights to the body and head of Mendez, drawing blood from his nose again. In the eighth and final round, a flurry of punches from Delgado dropped Mendez with less than a minute left in the round for an 8-count but managed to get to the bell.

Scores were all 80-71, as was this writer’s.

Super Middleweight Darryl “Chiseled” Jones, 4-3-1 (2), #161 ½, of Sarasota, FL, lost to southpaw Javier “Milwaukee Made” Martinez, 5-0 (2), #162 ¼, of Milwaukee, WI, over six rounds.

In the first three rounds, the taller southpaw Martinez out-landed Jones with body shots. In the fourth round, Martinez hurt Jones with a combination with half a minute left in the round.

In the fifth round, Martinez had Jones in a corner with a flurry of punches. In the sixth and final round, Jones fired away for the first minute having Martinez covering up. At the halfway point, Martinez came back with body shots the rest of the way, getting the better of it.

Scores were 60-54 twice and 60-53 with this writer 60-54.

Bantamweight 18-year-old’s Floyd “Cashflow” Diaz, 3-0 (0), #118, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Jose “Fosforito” Ramirez, 1-1 (1), #116 ¼, of Tucson, AZ, four spirited rounds.

Halfway through the round, a right from Diaz on the chin and down went Ramirez for an 8-count. In the final minute, he drove Ramirez into the ropes. In the second and third rounds, the wild swinging Diaz continued out, landing Ramirez. In the fourth and final round, both had their moments, with the taller Ramirez using his reach while Diaz landed overhand rights to the chin.

Scores were 39-36 and 40-35 twice with this writer 39-35.
Heavyweight 6:09 southpaw Antonio “Elegante” Mireles, 1-0 (1), #262 ¼, of Des Moines, IA, made his debut, scoring three knockdowns stopping Demonte “Sugar Bear” Randle, 2-2 (2), #314, of Texas City, TX, at 2:07 of the first round of a scheduled four rounds.

In the first round, a chopping left by the 6:09 southpaw Mireles on the chin dropped Randle inside the first minute. The second knockdown was a throw down into the ropes. The third knockdown was a right hook on the ear of Randle, and down he went as the referee, Jose Cobian waved it off.

Mireless is managed by Dave McWater.