Boxing Results: Jamel Herring Loses Title to Shakur Stevenson in Unified WBO title!

By Boxing News - 10/24/2021 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, Saturday, over ESPN and ESPN+ Bob Arum (Top Rank) presented in the Main Event WBO World Junior Lightweight champion Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring was stopped by WBO World interim champion Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson in 10 rounds.

In the Main Event WBO World Junior Lightweight champion Olympian southpaw Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring, 23-3 (11), #129 ¾, of Troy, NY, was dominated and stopped by former Featherweight champion WBO interim champion Olympian southpaw Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson, 17-0 (9), #130, of Newark NJ, at 1:30 of the tenth round of a 12.

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In the first two rounds Stevenson dominated out jabbing Herring. In the third round Stevenson was landing numerous combinations. In the fourth round Herring finally had Stevenson backing up until the final minute when Stevenson got his attention with a right hook on the chin.

In the fifth round Herring went to the body in a close round having an edge. In the sixth round halfway point a left from Stevenson on the chin of Herring stunned him with swelling under the left eye of Herring getting worse. In the seventh round Stevenson scored numerous combinations. In the eighth round the hand speed of Stevenson has Herring on the defense. Herring suffered a cut over his right eye.

In the tenth round the referee brought in the ring physician to check the cut of Herring. Shortly afterwards the referee Mark Nelson called a halt after a flurry from Stevenson. 

In the co-feature Super Welterweight 19 year-old Xavier Zayas, 11-0 (8), #153 ¼, of San Juan, PR, stopped Dan Karpency, 9-4-1 (4), #153 ¼, of Adah, PA, at the end of 4 of a 6.

In the first two rounds Zayas dominated with his jab and sharp rights causing swelling under both eyes of Karpency. In the third round Zayas landed numerous left hooks to the body of Karpency. A right uppercut from Zayas knocked out the mouthpiece of Karpency. He ended the round with a flurry of punches stunning Karpency at the bell.

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In the fourth round Zayas drew blood from the nose of Karpency. He hurt him with a left hand body shot. At the end of the round the corner of Karpency called a halt.    

“I want to thank Top Rank and the fans here in Atlanta. I stopped someone who hadn’t been stopped. I think overall I made an improvement,” said Zayas. 

Zayas was the youngest fighter at 16 to be signed by Top Rank. 

Super Welterweight Evan “Yung Holy” Holyfield, 8-0 (6), #151 ½, of Atlanta, GA, stopped Charles Stanford, 6-4 (3), #151 ½, Cincinnati, Ohio, at 0:30 of the second of a 6.

In the second round a left, right combination from Holyfield on the chin of Stanford and down he went for the count. He is the son of former Cruiser and Heavy champion Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield. 

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Super Lightweight Roddricus Livsey, 8-1-1 (5), #142 ¼, of Atlanta, GA, was out boxed losing to Eric Palmer, 13-14-5 (1), #141, of Adah, PA, over 6 rounds.

In the first three rounds Palmer used an effective jab to control the fight. Livsey warned several times for holding. In the fourth

Scores were 58-56 Palmer, 59-55 Livsey and 58-56 Palmer with this writer 59-55 Palmer.

Middleweight Nico Ali Walsh, 2-0 (2), #162, of Las Vegas, NV, stopped James Westley ll, 1-1 (0), #159 ½, of Toledo, OH, at 2:30 of the third of a 4.

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In the first round Walsh used an effective jab taking the round. In the second round Westley landed several rights to the chin ahead into the final seconds when Walsh landed a right on the chin and down went Westley for an 8-count as the round ended. In the third round a counter right off the jab from Walsh on the chin and down went Westley again. His corner stopped the fight.  

Walsh is the grandson of former heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali.

Lightweight Harley “Dennis the Menance” Mederos, 2-0 (1), #136, of Brooklyn, NY, scored a knockdown and defeated southpaw Deljerro Revello, 0-2 (0), #135 ¾, of Brighton, CO, over 4 rounds.

In the first round at the halfway point Mederos landed a right and left on the chin and down went Revello for an 8-count. Mederos went in for the finish and got nailed with a left on the chin from Revello. In the second and third rounds more wild swinging by Mederos with Revello covering up and warned for holding. A right uppercut in the third by Mederos hurt Revello. In the fourth and final round Revello didn’t take the round but got in some shots.

Scores were 40-35 as did this writer. 

Middleweight 2016 Olympian Troy “Transformer” Isley, 3-0 (2), #156 ¾, of Alexandria, VA, stopped southpaw Nicholi “The Army Ranger” Navarro, 2-2 (2), #156, of Denver, CO, at 2:48 of the first of a 4.

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In the first round the awkward Navarro had his moments but Isley landed the more solid punches finishing the fight with a right to the body followed by a half dozen punches dropping Navarro with referee stopping it without a count.

Featherweight prospects Haven “The Hit Man” Brady, Jr., 4-0 (3), #127, of Albany, GA, won a narrow decision over Roberto Negrete, 3-1 (1), #127, of Corpus Christi, TX, over 4 competitive rounds.

In the first round Brady’s hand quickness earned him the round. In the second round Negrete land lead rights on the chin timing Brady’s jab. In the third round’s final minute a right from Negrete busted the lower lip of Brady. In the fourth and final round it was close with Brady’s jab and Negrete’s rights.

Scores were 40-36 by all judges with this writer 38-38.  

Making his debut Super Lightweight Antoine Cobb, 1-0 (1), #144 ¼, of Chicago, IL, knocked out southpaw Jerrion “Mad Dog” Campbell, 2-2 (0), #142 ¼, of Jacksonville, TX, at 0:58 of the first of a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the first round Cobb countered a miss from Campbell landing a vicious right on the chin knocking Campbell on his back with his head landing on the bottom rope and out without a count from referee Brian Stouts.     

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