Deontay Wilder is a 10X Champion according to UK Antony Joshua Promoter Eddie Hearn Theory!

By Boxing News - 09/29/2021 - Comments

By Danny Esch: In a recent interview conducted by the UK channel IFL TV the popular England promoter of Anthony Joshua who just suffered a huge loss to a career natural cruiserweight Mr. Eddie Hearn sat down and shared his thoughts on the aftermath of Joshua vs Usyk.

Oleksandr Usyk dug a path to this fight because as a career cruiserweight he beat everyone they placed in front of him and he won every belt in the cruiserweight division and he became what boxing calls “Undisputed.”

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At some point when Usyk made that achievement, he decided to move up to heavyweight and showcase his talents at a heavier weight. Usyk made a smart move to test the waters at heavyweight by fighting an easier opponent in Chazz Witherspoon (38w 4L) followed by a UK veteran Dereck Chisora 32w 11 L).

At this point, Usyk was successful at defeating two heavyweights and because he was Undisputed at cruiserweight he received a shot at the heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

The UK promoter of AJ is of course devastated that his number one unified Champion Anthony Joshua has now suffered his second loss and this time to a career cruiserweight whereas the first was to an extremely heavy heavyweight in Andy Ruiz.

In this interview at time stamp 6:20 Eddie Hearn makes bold a statement that even though AJ lost to Usyk the rematch will be entirely different and he goes on to say:

“That’s our excitement now the devastation of defeat and now the excitement of revenge. We’ve been here before now 3X HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION that’s the NEW DREAM! “

So now going by Eddie Hearn’s Champion Theory that would effectively mean The American Champion Deontay Wilder is currently a 10X Champion because as a champion he defended his titles as did Anthony Joshua but Wilder won all 10 title defenses instead of losing whereas Joshua LOST and simply just regained what he LOST initially, just in a rematch.

So how can a LOSS have more value than a WIN is my question according to the theory of Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn. Lastly, my final question is if Anthony Joshua can become a 3X Champion from a LOSS and it can be praised as an achievement then what is Canelo Alvarez because is also considered a 3X Champion but the difference is he actually became a champion from winning at 3 different weight classes such as super welterweight, middleweight, light heavy, which is not what Joshua has done but somehow, he gets the same title as Canelo? Deontay Wilder 10X Champion from 10 successful wins according to Hearn boxing theory.