Tyson Fury posts another insulting video, trashing Deontay Wilder

By Boxing News - 08/05/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: Tyson Fury posted another one of his videos on Thursday that was basically an insulting rant aimed towards his opponent Deontay Wilder ahead of their October 9th trilogy fight.

It appears that these video clips that Fury posts are a way for him to help bolster his shaky confidence, which is a little strange.

Fury said, “I’m thinking about smashing Wilder’s face right in again. I can’t wait to get here, you big excuse-making bully dosser. You piece of rubbish. You’re not even worth the breath that God gave you,” said Fury.

Fury sounding angry at Wilder

For some reason, Fury sounds furious at Wilder, and it’s hard to understand. If anything, Fury should be made at his sparring partners if they’re the ones that took away his mojo.

The fight was supposed to have happened last month on July 24th, but Fury came down with COVID-19 and had to pull out. Unfortunately for Fury, fans don’t believe his COVID excuse, and they think he was getting royally trashed by his sparring partners Jared Anderson and Efe Ajagba.

Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott believes that the beatings that Fury took from his sparring partners Anderson and Ajagba were so bad that it caused him to totally lose his confidence, resulting in him feeling the need to postpone the fight.

Fury did beat Wilder (42-1-1 41 KOs decisively last year in their rematch in February 2020, scoring a seventh round knockout. However, that was a year and a half ago, and Fury got away with murder in that match with his rabbit-punching that he was doing.


It would be better for Fury to focus on building some muscle and less on talking trash to Wilder. All this misplaced anger isn’t going to help Fury when he gets in the ring with Wilder.

It’s Fury’s own fault. He should have known that he was asking for trouble when he decided to use Jared Anderson and the powerful Efe Ajagba as sparring partners.

I heard Jared Anderson had him out on his feet, and one guy knocked him down,” said Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott said to the PBC Podcast.

“When you hear those kinds of rumors for a high-caliber fight like this, those are not rumors, those are facts,” Malik said about the rumors of Fury getting beaten up by his sparring partners during training camp.

Jared Anderson is a huge heavyweight who has a work rate like Aaron Pryor used to. Anderson throws nonstop combinations, and he’s all wrong for fighters like Fury.Β  Anderson unloads on his opponents, and he doesn’t stop throwing until they fall over.

Image: Tyson Fury posts another insulting video, trashing Deontay Wilder

Fury’s bread & butter has been his ability to dodge single shots from fighters like Wladimir Klitschko and Wilder.

But against a heavyweight that doesn’t stop throwing punches like Jared Anderson, Fury was out of his element. He could dodge one punch, but Anderson would never stop throwing.

“When you get discouraged from that, when that can lead you to cancel the fight when that can lead you to have demonic nightmares of you fighting Wilder after getting touched up by guys you were sparring, to me that’s where the problem is,” said Malik in sounding like a psychologist with his analysis of Fury.

“He [Fury] brought a bunch of undefeated guys into his camp, and they probably got the best of him,” said Malik.

Obviously, Fury’s sparring partners got the best of him, but he now has an extra three months to train to try and get in good enough shape to where he won’t get battered again.

Fury should have been knocked out in his first fight with Wilder when he was starched in the 12th round. Why on Earth the referee didn’t stop the fight, I’ll never know. It looked strange.

Image: Tyson Fury posts another insulting video, trashing Deontay Wilder

In their rematch last year, the referee should have disqualified Fury for rabbit punching, in my view.