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Teofimo says he’s likely facing Haney next

Image: Teofimo says he's likely facing Haney next

By Dan Ambrose: Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney exchanged words this week on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxing show, and Teofimo’s dad said Devin will likely be next for them in April.

Teofimo Sr says it doesn’t look like the fight with IBF mandatory George Kambosos Jr is going to happen in April as they had planned, as they won’t be able to travel to Australia to make it happen.

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If that fight doesn’t happen, both Teofimo and his father aid that they’ll take the match against WBC lightweight champion Haney (25-0, 15 KOs).

Teofimo holds the IBF, WBA, WBC Franchise, and WBO lightweight titles. He insists that he’s the undisputed champion at 135, and he’s been told by WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman that’s the case.

Haney still thinks that Lopez doesn’t have the real WBC belt, which he’s in possession of. If the two fighters do fight in April, the winner will have all four titles and there will no longer be any argument about the subject.

During the episode, Teofimo showed off his four titles and asked Haney what he wants and he said he wants all the belts.

Lopez Sr then told Haney that he should be happy because they’re likely going to fight him next because the Kambosos fight doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Teofimo and Haney exchanging words

Teofimo: “You want pretty boy [Ryan Garcia] or do you want the man [Teofimo] first,” said Lopez to Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin in talking to Devin Haney.

Haney: “I want all the belts.”

Image: Teofimo says he's likely facing Haney next

Teofimo: “It should be the next fight.

Haney: “I’m going to f*** Teofimo Lopez up bad.

Teofimo: “He not even sure about it, he not even confident about it.

Lopez Sr: “His pop is sacrificing him for that money, that’s what it is. Your father don’t know what he’s doing. he’s going to get you hurt, bro. We shouldn’t even be talking about this kid, come on. We going to knock this guy out. I hope he doesn’t run as much as Loma did.

Haney: “Senior, you ain’t going to do s***.”

Lopez Sr: “You better respect the trainer of the year. Everything I say, everybody believes. I am the trainer of the year, bro, and we did it the hard way.

“Okay, you didn’t win no golden gloves nationals, you didn’t to the Olympic trials. You didn’t do s*** in the amateurs, so just shut up. You’re lucky we’re mentioning your name, so just appreciate, bro.

Teofimo: “He [Haney] ain’t going to do s***, but I will. So are you getting this a*** or what? They want to know.

Lopez Sr: “Tell him that if [George] Kambosos doesn’t fight us, we’re coming after his a**. All that talk that he did, he’s going to have to back it up.”

So there it is straight from Teofimo Sr’s mouth about them likely to face Devin next if the Kambosos fight doesn’t happen. Teofimo’s promoter Bob Arum seems to be on a different page than him.

In an interview on Thursday, Arum said nothing about wanting to match Teofimo with Haney. Arum is saying that they’re going to do the Kambosos fight next, and then they’re going to face the winner of the Josh Taylor vs. Jose Ramirez match.

Lopez Sr says Haney might be next

Teofimo: “Mauricio [Sulaiman] said just yesterday that I’m undisputed.”

Haney: “Mauricio says one thing today, and then says something different.”

Image: Teofimo says he's likely facing Haney next

Lopez Sr: “We’re undisputed. Mauricio said we’re undisputed. I’m trying to explain something to somebody that thinks he’s a champion.

Teofimo: “The thing is, everybody knows it.

Lopez Sr: “You got the fight, be happy because I don’t think the Kambosos fight is happening. God is with you, bro. They banned us from going over there to Australia, so you’re lucky. We might get you next in April. We’re going to do it in April, so you better start getting ready right now.

Haney: “I train every day.

Teofimo: “April, May, you going to get it.”

It’ll be interesting to watch what move Arum makes if the fight with Kambosos doesn’t happen for Lopez. Arum has never been excited about making a fight between Teofimo and Haney, who he feels lacks the popularity for the match to be worth doing.

The reason why Arum is eager to match Teofimo against Kambosos is that that guy is capable of bringing in a huge crowd in Australia. In other words, there’s a lot of money that can be made from ticket sales in a stadium fight between Tefimo and Kambosos.

Teofimo Sr predicting a sixth round knockout

Lopez Sr: “We’re knocking him out before six rounds.

Teofimo: “Hey, you got to get on the show, you got to talk your s***. You got to learn, and you got to practice on it Come on, champ.

Lopez Sr: “Fight our leftovers. Fight Nakatani or Lomachenko. Show us something, bro. That’s how it was back in the day with Sugar Ray Leonard. He believes everything his father tells him. So he’ll probably take the fight. April.

Teofimo: “Let’s make the fight happen.

Lopez Sr: “I was the one that told my son to fight you. You should be saying thank you to me. My son wasn’t even paying attention to you.

Haney: “Don’t say nothing bad about my father.”

Image: Teofimo says he's likely facing Haney next

Lopez Sr: “I’m not saying anything bad about your pop. I’m saying your pop is convincing you to fight my son, which he shouldn’t. He’s going to sacrifice you. There ain’t nobody disrespecting your father.

Teofimo: “He was waiting for this. Junior, calm down. Me and Devin never fought in the amateurs. We sparred twice.

Lopez Sr: “They lie about it. Tell me that you didn’t sit down with your headgear on and your gloves on in the freaking rain after my son whipped you, and you didn’t want to come out for the sixth round. That was a lie? I know that was true. That’s how I know I’m going to beat you.

Teofimo: “He’s hot now.”

Teofimo wants Haney fight at Raider stadium

Lopez Jr: “Floyd Sr came up to me and said, ‘Your son is going to be a champion. He was sitting in his corner like, ‘What the f*** happened? My father is lying to me.’ He had a bad day, that’s all you got to say. That was three years ago. If you got the video, why don’t you post it up because you guys didn’t let me record.

Teofimo: “We talk the s*** and we make the fights happen.

Haney: “You need to calm down with the alcohol.

Lopez Sr: “Everybody is going to believe me when we fight in April.”

Teofimo: “Should we do it in Raider’s stadium? I’m thinking about stadiums. We’re going to make it happen, don’t worry about it. That’s the closest you’re going to get to these belts.

Image: Teofimo says he's likely facing Haney next

Haney: “I’m going to beat Teofimo Lopez, watch. All the belts.

Teofimo: “You’re not even sure about it. ‘I’m going to bet Teofimo.’

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