Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell’s eye on Jan.2nd

By Jeff Aronow: Ryan Garcia says he wants to break Luke Campbell’s eye and some bones along with it on January 2nd in their fight on Jan.2nd live on DAZN from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Garcia (20-0, 17 KOs) says he feels really disrespected by the 2012 Olympic gold medalist Campbell for the trash-talking he’s been doing.

Campbell (20-3, 17 KOs) and ‘King’ Ryan will be fighting for the interim WBC lightweight title. Garcia, 22, plans on beating the 33-year-old Campbell, and then move forward to take on world champions at 135.

If Garcia has it his way, he’ll face WBA ”regular’ lightweight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in early 2021, and then move on to face IBF/WBA/WBC/WBO champ, Teofimo Lopez.

The World Boxing Council wants the winner of the Campbell – Garcia fight to battle their champion Devin Haney, but we’ll have to see how that goes. Ryan has made it clear he wants to face the popular champions, which means Haney is going to be left for last.

Image: Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell's eye on Jan.2nd

Ryan vowing to beat Campbell’s backside

“It hasn’t really affected me. I’ve been training hard,” said Ryan Garcia on the delays for his fight against Luke Campbell. “It’s made me stronger. Luke Campbell, it’s inevitable for him. He’s just going to get his a** beat.

“Whether it’s December 5th or January 2nd, his fate is the same. I’m blessed to have the first huge global event on DAZN or just to have the world watching. It’s everything I ever dreamed of.

“I’ve always wanted to show everybody my ability, and show everybody why I’m going to be the best fighter in the world for this next era. This is probably how it’s supposed to be written.

“I get to have everybody around the world watch, and that’s what I’ve always aspired to do. I’m not worried about Luke. He’s got no challenges for me. All he’s got is some pitty-pat punches, amateur style punches.

“None of that is going to save him. The moments he feels my shots, he’s going to start backing up and I’ll figure it out from there. I’ll start surgically beating him down.

Image: Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell's eye on Jan.2nd

“I’m going to punish him and then go on and fight Tank. That’s all. I’m not even worried about Luke Campbell,” said Ryan.

One thing you can say about Ryan Garcia, he doesn’t lack self-confidence, does he? He’s also arguably the best self-promoter in the 135-pound division with the way he builds himself.

Garcia is setting himself up to look ridiculous in the eyes of the boxing world if he fails against Campbell on January 2nd, as this fighter isn’t among the elite lightweights.

Campbell is a B-level guy, who can beat most of the fighters in the lightweight division, but he fails when he tries to step it up. He’s beaten by Vasily Lomachenko, Jorge Linares, and Yvan Mendy.

One thing that is negative about Luke doesn’t take his losses very well. Instead of admitting that he needs to improve his game, he doesn’t agree with the results, as we saw in his losses to Linares and Mendy.

Campbell’s experience doesn’t worry Ryan Garcia

“I don’t even know what they’re talking about? What experience does he have?” said Ryan when asked if Campbell’s experience in big fights will help him.

Image: Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell's eye on Jan.2nd

“Every time he stepped up, he lost. He even lost to someone that we’ve never heard of. Who is Yvan Mendy.

“He talks a lot of s*** that he’s going to KO me, but to be honest, anytime someone that doesn’t belong in the ring with me, I got them out real quick. So, I’m going to prove to everybody that Luke Campbell doesn’t have it, and it’s my time.

“It’s my era, and I’m ready to show the world who I really am. I’m not here to play games. I’m tired of hearing all the misconceptions about me on Instagram when they don’t know the work I put in.

“This is my time, this is my moment, and I’m ready to show the world. There’s a reason why I’m fighting in 2021 because from that moment on, I won’t ever be an underdog again.

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“I will be known as one of the best fighters in the world coming this whole era. 2020, I had my little fun in February, it went on pause for a long time, and I’m able to conqueror this whole decade, this whole era,” Ryan Garcia said.

Ryan should be concerned about Campbell’s experience because he’s been in there with two quality fighters in Jorge Linares and Lomachenko, and he was competitive with both.

In constrast, Ryan has fought no one nearly as talented as Linares and Lomachenko, and he didn’t look so good against Carlos Morales in 2018. That was a fight in which Ryan won a 10 round majority decision, and a lot of boxing fans thought he should have lost.

Garcia wants to break Campbell’s eye

“I want to conqueror this division. And I make weight pretty easy, I’m a very disciplined person,” said Ryan Garcia. “I can make this weigh for as long as I want to make it.

Image: Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell's eye on Jan.2nd

“My goal is to defeat Teofimo Lopez, knockout Gervonta Davis, and beat Devin Haney. So any whatever order it is, I’m here to conqueror the division and become the biggest superstar in boxing.

“I put myself in a great position to be where I’m at. They made fun of me a lot, and they try to bash my social media and they try to do whatever they could to try and tamper with my name.

“But as I said, the truth always prevailed. I was the smarter man when it came to marketing, and I’m going to be the smarter man in the ring.

“All that hate and all that bitterness is going to be the thing that backfires on all of them.

“I see Teofimo Lopez and I see all those haters, they’re all hating. That hate is going to disguise themselves, and it’s going to blind them. They’re going to run into one of my shots.

“They’re going to be knocked out every single one of them. I feel very disrespected by Luke. But as I said, all that disrespect, all that hate, and envy is going to blind them.

“Luke is just the first one. I feel bad for Luke, he’s the first one of my opponents that is really going to get it bad. I’m older, I’m stronger and I’m coming into myself.

“I already felt I was coming into myself with the Fonseca fight, and I was on a roll and ready to take over. And I cannot wait to punish Luke Campbell.

Image: Ryan Garcia: I want to break Luke Campbell's eye on Jan.2nd

“I want to break his eye, and I want to break his bones and everything of him. So he’s the first one that is going to get this,” said Ryan Garcia.

Ryan has got to be pretty upset with Campbell for him to already be talking about breaking bones and busting up his eye. We’re not even close to the week of the fight, and Ryan is sounding like he’s seeing red.

Campbell has been making comments about Ryan Garcia being more of a social media star than a proven boxer, which is actually true at this early juncture of his career.

Despite the bold talk from Ryan, he’s beaten no one worth noting. Golden Boy Promotions has done a good job of bringing Ryan along slowly so that he wouldn’t have any mishaps, but they’re taking his training wheels off for this fight with Campbell.

Ryan being tested with this fight, and if he struggles, we’re likely not going to see him face Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez, or Devin Haney soon. If Ryan barely beats Campbell or if he loses, it’ll be a sign that he needs more work before he faces the big dogs.