VIDEO: Lomachenko vs Lopez Preview and Prediction

Coming up on October 17, in a bout that will be televised in the United States on ESPN, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada – unified WBO/WBA lightweight world champion Vasyl Lomachenko will square off against undefeated IBF lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez.

This will be the first fight for each champion this year. Lopez had four fights last year, whereas Lomachenko had just two. So by the time the fight happens, it will have been more than 10 months since Lopez last fought, and for Lomachenko it will have been two weeks shy of 14 months. That will be the largest gap for both boxers during their professional careers, which started in 2016 and 2013 respectively for Lopez and Lomachenko.

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One of the main reasons both boxers have had such long stretches of inactivity is because of the way the sport (and the rest of the world) was essentially derailed by the global outbreak of COVID-19. For boxing, a sport that is heavily reliant upon the live gate, this has been an especially challenging obstacle to overcome. This match-up represents what is almost certainly the biggest bout to come together since things were sidetracked by COVID-19 where the entire boxing business landscape has changed dramatically.

This is a high quality match-up, and what makes this one so intriguing, is that on one side you have a hard punching young boxer with a lot of potential and good skills. And on the other side you have an almost complete boxer who is capable of seamlessly transitioning from defense to offense and back again. It truly is a classic clash of styles with a rich historical tradition.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will provide some quick thoughts on the upcoming championship contest between Vasyl Lomachenkop and Teofimo Lopez – a bout for lightweight boxing supremacy! For one man’s take on the October 17 championship unification match between Lomachenko and Lopez, please watch and enjoy the video.

Image: VIDEO: Lomachenko vs Lopez Preview and Prediction