Mayweather rants about “too many belts,” wants Ryan Garcia vs. Tank Davis next

By Chris Williams: Floyd Mayweather Jr went on a long rant on Wednesday criticizing all the different world titles that are now available from the four sanctioning bodies. Mayweather says he’s tired of watching television and seeing all the fighters holding up titles.

He feels that it’s just a way for the sanctioning bodies [IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO] to bring in money by charging the fighters that win their many titles sanctioning fees so that they can profit on them.

The fighters arguably are using the titles as props to make themselves look good in the eyes of the casual boxing fans and the networks.

Mayweather wants the sport cleaned up

“There are too many champions in the sport of boxing right now,” Floyd Mayweather Jr said to Showtime. “It’s too many belts.

“There are so many different titles. For every belt that you win, there’s a sanctioning fee. So if a fighter wins an interim belt, he has to pay a sanctioning fee.

“And if a fighter wins a regular belt, he has to pay a sanctioning fee, and if a fighter is a super champion, he has to pay a sanctioning fee. Every fighter is a champion. A belt is like a fighter winning an amateur trophy.

I’m tired of seeing fighters after a fight with every fighter having a championship belt now. The WBC, WBA, the IBF, and WBO, y’all got to clean this s*** up.

“This is bad for boxing. You guys are just taking extra money from all these fighters in getting extra money from sanctioning fees.

“This don’t look good. When you watch TV, everyone is a champion. You got all these fighters posing with a belt,” said Mayweather.

The obvious solution to the problem of belts is for a fighters and their promoters to ignore all the sanctioning bodies and come up with a new governing body.

If all the fighters focus on one new sanctioning body, it will take are of the problem of “too many belts.”

Floyd says Ryan Garcia is next for Tank Davis

Image: Mayweather rants about "too many belts," wants Ryan Garcia vs. Tank Davis next

“Ryan Garcia is one of the fighters in the ring holding a WBC belt and holding another belt,” said Mayweather. “This is not cool for the sport. Do I think he can become a world champion? Absolutely.

“Do I think he can beat Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis? Right now, absolutely not. That would be a fight next,” said Mayweather.

Tank Davis will have competition if he wants to fight Ryan Garcia next, as Top Rank promoter Bob Arum wants Ryan for his fighter Teofimo Lopez’s next fight.

Ryan will need to decide on fighting Tank for his solitary WBA title or Teofimo for his IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO straps.

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