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Ryan Garcia: ‘Tyson Fury doesn’t have the TALENT Deontay Wilder has’

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

By Scott Gilfoid: Ryan Garcia made light of Tyson Fury this week by saying that former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has more talent than him. The lightweight contender Garcia reveals that he had bet on Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) beating Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs), but ‘The Bronze Bomber’ blew it by not adapting and working hard to improve his game.

Ryan believes that Wilder can beat Fury in their trilogy match if he starts training right NOW. Wilder, 34, needs to start coming up with some ideas to discover a way to beat Fury in their third fight. He can’t wait until training camp to come up with a plan.

Wilder lost to Fury by a 7th round knockout in their rematch on February 22, and Ryan blames him for getting beaten by the LESS talented Fury. What Ryan probably means by saying that Fury has less talent than Wilder is the fact that he doesn’t possess his power or hand speed.

Wilder is clearly the faster of the two, and his power is considerably superior to Fury’s.

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

Fury NOT as talented as Wilder

“It could change,” said Ryan to Fighthype when asked if Wilder can beat Fury in the trilogy fight. “If Deontay Wilder humbles himself and tries to work on his technique. My dad says, ‘No.’ I think Yes. If he works on things he needs to work on, but he needs to be an animal every day like right now. He needs to be thinking about how to beat Tyson Fury,” said Ryan.

“Tyson Fury doesn’t have the talent that Deontay Wilder has. “Wilder just banked on that all day long. ‘My talent can win a fight.’ Yeah, but you met a guy that didn’t have as much talent as you, but he had hard work. What I’m going to say it this. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

“It’s an old saying, but it’s true. They’ll never have that with me, though. I’m talented, I work hard, and I work hard every day on every aspect; social media, boxing, and my family. Every day I go down the list, and I do it every day. I tell my dad to come over my place. We’re going to work all night on different techniques. I got some s*** that is so creative to land on people,” said Ryan.

Physically, Fury isn’t as gifted as Wilder. What Fury has going for him is his height and reach. But other than that, his game has holes in it. He overuses his feints and focuses too much on avoiding headshots. A smart heavyweight that knows how to throw body shots will give Fury problems the Otto Wallin did.

Ryan Garcia LECTURES Wilder

“I bet on Deontay Wilder’s talent. I should have thought to myself. ‘Deontay Wilder, you just f-**** up by saying that not even God can save Tyson Fury,'” said Ryan Garcia. “You f**** up by saying that, bro. God can do anything, stupid. He can take your power away.

“You seen it in that fight, he took it away,” Garcia said of Fury taking away Wilder’s right-hand. And you didn’t even land that shot once. You don’t ever challenge God, you stupid. I should have known that. I f*** up.

“My dad called it perfect. I was like, ‘Why did I do that [pick Wilder to win] I’d go against anybody but God. That’s one person you don’t do. I can be cocky with anyone I fight, but one thing I’m not going to say is ‘God can’t even save.’ Nah. You don’t cross those boundaries, bro,” said Garcia in continuing to scold Wilder.

It almost sounds like Ryan is still bitter at having lost his bet. He needs to get over that and realize that the signs were there ahead of time that Wilder would lose.

All that muscle weight that Wilder packed on was him asking for trouble. He already tried bulking up in 2015 before his fight with Eric Molina, and it didn’t work. Wilder had no energy and looked sluggish and slow on his feet in that fight. When Wilder trimmed down to 214 lbs, he was a lot better.

The other mistake Wilder made was not being prepared for an aggressive Fury. Wilder looked surprised when the 273 lb Fury started immediately attacking him in round one, and never adjusted to that.

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

Fury’s loose gloves didn’t help him

“It’s borderline. I ask my dad, ‘Should I use it’s a low key or a cheap move, but it’s not,” Ryan said on some of his recently learned tactics. “No, we’re not to the messing with the glove type s***. I’m talking about landing where I’m in the position to knock them the f*** out.

“Even if he did slap him [with a loose glove], slapping ain’t going to do s*** to you,” said Ryan in commenting on the conspiracy on Fury’s glove-gate.

“Okay, he’s hitting you with the palm of his hand. That’s not going to hurt. A punch hurts way more. You’re just making an excuse, and you’re reaching right now. We’re not with excuses. We’re pretty much with ‘it is what it is.’ You just didn’t come prepared,” said Garcia on Wilder not being prepared.

Ryan makes a good point about Fury’s loose gloves, not helping him for the Wilder fight. What did help Fury was the clubbing shots to the back of Wilder’s head. He landed those shots, which are ‘rabbit punches’ the entire fight. Those were the same shots that Andy Ruiz Jr. landed against Anthony Joshua in his upset victory over him last June.

Wilder not having an answer for Fury’s rabbit shots was a mistake. Of course, the referee should have been on his J-O-B by enforcing the rule against rabbit punching. The referees put more effort at stopping low blows, and the rule against rabbit punching seems to have been forgotten about.

Wilder was overconfident

“At the beginning of everything, he got too confident,” said Ryan. “He thought he was going to do the same exact thing [as the first fight]. Why wouldn’t you make small adjustments? You guys were even in that fight. As a matter of fact, he was beating your a** for most of the first fight.

“Don’t you think you should have sharpened up on your skills a little bit? You just thought you were going to land that right hand because you knocked out old a** Luis Ortiz. Do you know what I mean? This is what I say. ‘Pride comes before the fall.’ You kept having all this pride, and you probably thought, ‘I’m going to knock out anybody. I don’t have to do s***.’

“He even got so confident that he thought he was bigger than God. Bang. And then you got your a** stopped. That’s the truth. The facts are the facts. You don’t ever go against God,” said Ryan.

Wilder did NOT look confident or cocky during the rematch with Fury. Wilder was the complete opposite of a confident person. Poor Wilder was a complete mess after getting brained by Fury with a handful of clubbing shots. The punches to the back of Wilder’s head didn’t help him. Wilder’s legs were gone after getting hit with some well-placed shots behind his head in round 3, and he never recovered.

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