Tyson Fury “Glove Gate” Scandal takes over the Internet

By Boxing News - 03/01/2020 - Comments

By Danny Esch: The heavyweight division was thrown for a loop when its top undefeated American star Deontay Wilder suffered his first loss and not just a regular loss but a bloody and staggering beat down that had never happened to this GIANT before in his entire career in a defeat against Tyson Fury.

The man who defeated this Giant was also a Giant in his own right but he himself has never performed or destroyed another fighter in this manner not even a fighter of lower opposition in his whole career which made boxing fans question this win.

In the aftermath of this peculiar win, videos have surfaced all over the internet of Tyson Fury’s gloves and the strange position of his lead LEFT hand in particular as he delivered strong blows to the former Champion Deontay Wilder as he hit the canvass multiple times in which he also never did before.

At first, this accusation was just a rumor but now many of these videos have come to light and many with millions of views. On tap of these videos showing Wilder vs Fury 1 and 2, another video was posted of team Fury actually placing a towel over the LIVE locker room camera as Tyson Fury was being gloved for Wilder vs Fury 2 and latter Team Fury actually disconnecting the camera LIVE plug.

Lastly, a third video surfaced about 3 to 4 months ago of a former sparring partner of Tyson Fury named Nicolas Asberry 9w 1L actually showed Tyson Fury’s sparring gloves in which all the padding was positioned to the rear of the glove so the front part was stronger on impact.

This is not a question of who is a better fighter but instead what was wrong with Tyson Fury’s gloves in his fight with Wilder and was it a FAIR win?

“As far as the gloves, the Las Vegas [Nevada] Commission, one of the best in the world, it’s very imperative; I don’t know who the inspectors were that night, but I’m sure they were top-notch,” said ring announcer David Diamonte to Boxing Social.

“It’s very imperative that the inspectors understand what they’re watching because when guys are getting their hands wrapped a lot of the inspectors in the world might not know what they’re looking for. I think they need to be trained well, but I’m sure they were in Las Vegas.

I”‘m not sure who it was. But I assume it was top-notch guys and they know what they were looking at, but I think this was probably all conspiracy theories. But again, the trainers for both camps should be there.

“So if you had Jay Deas and Mark Breland there watching the guy get his hand wrapped, they should know what they’re looking at too. So these are just excuses,” said Diamonte.


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