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Hearn and Whyte discuss Povetkin, Joshua & Usyk vs. Chisora fights

Image: Hearn and Whyte discuss Povetkin, Joshua & Usyk vs. Chisora fights

By Charles Brun: Dillian Whyte joined Eddie Hearn live on Instagram on Monday to talk about his fight with Alexander Povetkin as well as Anthony Joshua, and the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Dereck Chisora fights coming up soon.

Whyte (27-1, 18 KOs) is in Portugal training in the warm weather to get ready for his May 2 fight against Alexander Povetkin (35-2-1, 24 KOs) on Sky Sports Box Office at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Dillian, 31, realizes that he’s risking his WBC mandatory status and a guaranteed title shot against champion Tyson Fury by facing former world champion Povetkin, but he’s going to give his best shot to try win.

Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn could see all of his upcoming cards on May 2, May 23 and June 20 wiped clean by the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier on Monday, the Britsh Boxing Board of Control extended their suspension of all UK boxing events through the end of April. That effectively erases the Matchroom cards on March 28 and April 4.

Whyte and Hearn talk upcoming fights

Hearn: “What’s the mindset of a fighter with all the uncertainty.”

Whyte: “I’m training, and I’m a professional. I try to stay positive. A lot of people look up to us professional athletes. I try to post something positive every day to show I’m still training and doing the best that I can in this situation because it’s easy to panic and shut down with fear. I’m still remaining strong. It’s important to show people to get on with your life as best as you can.”

Hearn: “That’s the message to young fighters that haven’t had the big fights and the big paydays just waiting for a date. It’s tough for them, right?”

Whyte will need to train a lot harder for the Povetkin fight on May 23 than he did for his last contest against Mariusz Wach on December 7 If Whyte comes to the Povetkin fight a fat 271 lb blimp-like he did against Wach, he’ll lose for sure. Unfortunately for Whyte, he has to train with the uncertainty fo whether his fight will get postponed due to the coronavirus.

Image: Hearn and Whyte discuss Povetkin, Joshua & Usyk vs. Chisora fights

Dillian had little time to prepare for Wach fight

Whyte: “Yeah, it’s tough because I’ve been through every stage in boxing. I’ve been through the losing side coming up. It’s really hard when you’re an up and coming fighter and you don’t have a big contract and you have to sell tickets. Without boxing, there’s no money coming in. It’s difficult for all these guys. We just have to stay positive and try to be professional. It’s hard but you have to try and remain professional and keep training. Think about the longterm goal, which is to become a better fighter to take this time to improve, man.”

Hearn: “I know you have a new team now, especially on the strength and conditioning side. You were thrown into the Saudi fight [against Mariusz Wach] with very little prep, very heavy. It was a good fight against Mariusz Wach, and it probably should have been an easier fight for you. But you always give fans great fights anyway, but what is the mindset on the strength & conditioning side going into the [Alexander] Povetkin fight? Obviously, you’ll be lighter than Saudi [271 lbs]. What do you think your weight is at or should be at for that fight?”

It was Whyte’s own fault for letting himself get so fat after his win over Dereck Chisora. he should have at least training to keep his weight down during that time, but he looked terrible against Wach. The next day, Whyte’s speech was slurred, and he shouldn’t like he was half-drunk from the punches he’d absorbed in that fight.

Dillian wants to get his weight down to 250s

Whyte: “I’m going to get back down to my fighting weight [250 lbs?]. I’m obviously lighter now than I was for the Saudi fight obviously, and I still have a lot of time left until May 2nd. Obviously, I still should be in top condition I need to be for Povetkin. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, former world champion, who only lost to two strong reigning world champions [Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua].

“The guy is technically good and awkward, so I know that,” said Whyte on Povetkin. “Obviously, Mariusz Wach is a tough guy, but I had enough to beat him regardless. Against these types of guys like Povetkin, you have to train hard and put in the time and come in shape. I should come in at 115 [kilos = 253.5 lbs]. Last time I was 122.”

If Whyte can’t get motivated enough to get his weight down to the 250s for an important fight against Povetkin, then he needs to pack it in. His ways are numbered if can’t step away from the kitchen table for a crucial match against Povetkin.

Hearn: “I asked you about the Usyk-Chisora fight. What’re your thoughts on that fight? A lot of people are saying ‘Usyk’s movement and IQ are going to be too much for Delboy.’ Some are saying it’s a ‘risky fight for Usyk if Delboy can get into the fight and make it uncomfortable for him.'”

Whyte: “We’ve seen Tony Bellew out-fight Usyk early in the fight, so Bellew isn’t as strong as Dereck, and Dereck is a very strong guy. I’ve fought him twice and sparred him many times. I know how strong. If Dereck is motivated and in shape, he’s a problem for anyone in the world. Usyk’s movement is good, but this is heavyweight boxing.

Image: Hearn and Whyte discuss Povetkin, Joshua & Usyk vs. Chisora fights

Dillian picks Chisora to beat Usyk

“You’re not going to out-box someone like Dereck Chisora for 12 rounds if you haven’t got punching power to keep him at bay. I think that’s going to be Usyk’s biggest problem to keep him at bay, and the last couple of years, Dereck has been incredible shape. And I saw him in Saudi, and he looked like he was ready to fight. I know what he’s been doing, and he’s physically very strong. If he’s motivated, I think he’ll beat Usyk. That’s my personal opinion,” said Whyte.

Hearn: “I’ve got a couple of questions for you. If you could fight one heavyweight next, who would you choose next?”

Whyte: “Anthony Joshua.’

Hearn: “Well, let’s f— do it.”

Whyte: “I’m ready. Don’t say anything.”

Hearn: “The weirdest thing about you too is if I asked him, right? Even with the change to be undisputed, if I said, ‘Anthony, what fight would you want?’ He’d say, ‘Dillian Whyte.’ I watch your fight [with Joshua], the first fight. Remember when we did the workout, he went over to one area, and you looked over. Remember when we came together…the energy was unable for that fight.”

Whyte wants to fight Joshua 2 or 3 times

Whyte: “I was like f— you, Eddie Hearn. I’ve come a long way physically and mentally since that time. I think we’ve both come on so much and learned so much. We have so much mutual respect. I’d like to fight Joshua two or three more times in my career, win, lose or draw. That fight would make you run extra miles. It would make you do things correctly, that one fight.

It’s that one fight that would make you go to bed one hour early. It’s good to be a world champion, but sometimes you need that extra kick. So let’s get it. He’s got money, he’s got world titles. He just wants challenges. ‘I need to be ready for Dillian because Dillian is very dangerous and he comes to fight,’ and he knows that.

“We just have to get through this hard time. This is a serious time in the world to be talking about boxing. But as soon as it clears up, me and the guys will be ready to go,” said Whyte.

It’s doubtful that Whyte will get more than one more fight against Joshua. The only shot Whyte has of getting the third contest against Joshua is if he beats him, and he likely won’t be able to do that.

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