Eddie Hearn GLOATS after Joshua beats Ruiz

By Boxing News - 12/07/2019 - Comments

By Scott Gilfoid: A highly emotional Eddie Hearn was let loose on the microphone following Anthony Joshua’s redemption against Andy Ruiz Jr. on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, and sent a message to the boxing fans that AJ is the “guvnor” of the heavyweight division once again. For the record, Joshua (23-1, 21 KOs) beat Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22 KOs) by a 12 round unanimous decision.

After watching rounds of some of the most boring nonaction that Gilfoid has ever seen, to have Hearn get a hole of the microphone and babble nonstop about how great Joshua was, it was painful on ears.

Let’s get things straight: That was a horribly boring fight from start to finish from Joshua. The spoiling Joshua did was dreadful. And then to top it off, Hearn is almost in tears in saying how great Joshua was. That was not a great performance unless you like watching running, holding and jabbing.

Hearn: Joshua is the “GUVNOR”

“The future plans are to celebrate and celebrate hard,” said Hearn moments after Joshua was announced as the winner. “This man [Joshua] is responsible for the growth of British boxing.

“This man has won everything. He won an Olympic gold medal for Great Britain, he won a world championship after 16 fights, he unified after 19 fights, he unified after 21 fights, and tonight in Saudi Arabia, he becomes a 2-time heavyweight champion of the world, and that is beautiful.

“They wrote him off, they said he was hype. He had to come back from humiliation at Madison Square Garden. Tonight, he’s the governor [ruler]. He’s the governor of the division, and he’s the two-time heavyweight champion of the world. Give him the respect. He’s a great individual. He’s coming home tomorrow, and it’s going to be one hell of a homecoming,” said Hearn.

I hate to drizzle on Hearn’s parade, but Joshua is NOT the “Guvnor” of the heavyweight division. He’s a belt holder at present time. The guy that is considered the #1 heavyweight in the division is the talented WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, until proven otherwise.

Hearn calls Joshua “King” of the division

“We got criticized for coming here. The welcome we’ve had from the people is incredible,” said Hearn. “Tonight, he’s done it. Anthony Joshua, a two-time heavyweight champion of the world. We wanted the undisputed for years and years. Don’t worry about that. Tonight, it’s about celebrating. He can do what he wants to do. He’s always wanted to be undisputed. People listen to rubbish people talk.

“We said we’re not going to talk about any other fights, and we’re not even going to do it now. We’re not going to give him [WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder] the air time.

“He’s the King. Yes, you are the King. You are,” said Hearn in speaking directly to Joshua, who had walked up to him while he was being interviewed. Joshua responded to Hearn by saying, “NO.” He wanted to let Hearn know that he doesn’t view himself as the King of the heavyweight division, but he wasn’t going to listen to him.

“You are. They wrote you off. And they wrote you off,” said an overly emotional Hearn. “They said you were hype, and you come back and schooled him. You’re the King again, trust me,” said Hearn.

Poor Joshua, he tried to get Hearn to pipe down, but he wouldn’t listen. Hearn was on cruise control, mad with ecstasy and going full Motormouth.

“I’m not perfect, but I’m always trying,” said Joshua. “We’re going to see more boxing in this region, we’re going to see more boxing in America.”