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Anthony Joshua sounding SPITEFUL, saying he’ll gloat after winning

Anthony Joshua

By Scott Gilfoid: An angry sounding Anthony Joshua says he’s going to give fans the middle finger after he wins this Saturday night in his rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saudi Arabia. Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) bristles at the advice that boxing fans have given him since his 7th round knockout loss to Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 Ks) last June, and not interested in taking the high road and turning the other cheek.

Joshua sounding like he’s coming unglued

With the final week before the fight, Joshua isn’t handling the pressure well, and he’s taking it out on the fans. This is what I was afraid of. Joshua coming unglued, and showing mental weakness at a time when he needs to be calm, cool and collected.

There are fighters that handle stress well, and then there’s Joshua. Deontay Wilder is a textbook example of a fighter who handles pressure – and criticism – well, and staying confident before battle. Unfortunately, Joshua is the opposite of Wilder, and we’re seeing that right now.

The fans have been saying a number of things about Joshua since his loss to Andy, but nothing that they wouldn’t say about anyone else.

These are some of the things that boxing fans have been saying about AJ that might have upset him:

  • Gifted a gold medal in 2012 Olympics
  • Soft match-making done his promoter Eddie Hearn
  • Horrible stamina
  • Weak chin
  • No mobility inside the ring
  • Poor defense

Joshua reveals his plans to gloat after he beats Ruiz

“Now I listen to what people say about us and think they should put some respect by our name,” said Joshua to in letting boxing fans know he wants compliments and NOT criticism from them… I’m going to that next level. When I win, I will be like, ‘F— everybody,’” said Joshua in raising his middle finger.

Oh my, what has happened to Joshua? He’s gone from being a nice humble fighter that of a bitter, angry and disturbed guy. It’s sad to see Joshua transformed so quickly in the matter of five months from Mr. Nice Guy to what we’re seeing now with him showing his teeth, and embittered. It’s so, so sad.

It sounds like Joshua wants to be complimented and adored by boxing fans, and since some of them aren’t willing to do that, he’s sounding crabby like he’s got a MAJOR chip-on-his shoulder. Gilfoid would have never guessed Joshua would be reduced to talking about giving the finger to his fans just because they’re not complimenting him 100%.

Why is Joshua reacting with anger? He should be glad that fans are giving him helpful advice, because that’s how you improve as a fighter, isn’t it?

Joshua: My loss doesn’t take the spots off a cheetah

“One loss doesn’t take the spots off a cheetah,” said Joshua in attempting to minimize his previous loss to Ruiz. “I came into boxing to fight. I’ve been champion, I’ve been Olympic champion. You have to hold some regard to what we’re doing in this boxing industry,” said Joshua.

One loss may not take the spots off of a cheetah, but how about two losses? I think Joshua is going to have to come to terms with the fact that he needs to make changes in his career, if he loses to Ruiz. Joshua can talk about cheetahs, and try and ignore the fact that his flaws were exposed by Ruiz to the light of day.

What happens to Joshua after he loses to Ruiz in 6 days from now?

It’ll be interesting to see how Joshua reacts to a SECOND loss to Ruiz in six days from now, considering that he’s talking about his interest in gloating. When you get a fighter that is so mentally invested in proving his critics wrong, they don’t do well they fail to accomplish their goal.

It sounds like Joshua is losing it mentally at the wrong time, and he’s not staying relaxed and enjoying himself. Look at Ruiz. The guy looks carefree right now, and is having the time of his life as he goes into the final week of the fight. Then you have Joshua, looking angry, embittered and dreaming of being able to flip off his fans. It’s so sad, isn’t it?

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