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Wilder reacts to Fury-Wallin, Kownacki-Arreola & Whyte

Image: Wilder reacts to Fury-Wallin, Kownacki-Arreola & Whyte

By Kenneth Friedman: Deontay Wilder gave his thoughts last Saturday night on Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury’s next fight with Otto Wallin, and Adam Kownacki’s win over Chris Arreola. WBC heavyweight champion Wilder was part of the commentating team for unbeaten contender Kownacki’s fight against three time former world title challenger Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KOs) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

After the fight, Wilder discussed that Kownacki-Arreola results, and then he also talked about Whyte’s recent adverse drug test findings for his recent July 20 fight against Oscar Rivas, as well as Fury’s upcoming fight against little known Swedish fighter Otto Wallin (20-, 13 KOs) on September 14 on ESPN+ at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Top Rank Boxing has scheduled Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) to take superstar Saul Canelo Alvarez’s vacated September 14 date, but they’re not bothering to put the British heavyweight against a well known fighter by scheduling against the 6’6″ Wallin, who comes from Sweden.

Wilder critical of Fury for choosing Wallin as his next opponent

“What is this? What is going on here?” asked Wilder in reacting to the news of Tyson Fury choosing to fight little known Swedish contender Otto Wallin next. “First of all, Fury come with his last fight against Tom Schwarz, and he went to Vegas, and he came out with this clown outfit on. He’s going to come to America, and make America great again.

He only had 5,000 fans in the audience [for the Schwarz fight on June 15 in Las Vegas], but he swears up and down he was the x-factor for our fight [last December], which is proof in the pudding that you’re irrelevant here in America.

That whole fiasco, that whole saga with him coming with that suit. And when have we ever had a title fight with no belts involved? It [Fury’s lineal heavyweight title] was invisible. We didn’t see s–t. He’s talking about his lineal [title]. I didn’t see one belt. When did we start making 12 round fights with invisible demons? Come on, bro. It’s getting ridiculous at this point, and the ultimate, they’re coming out with an Otto [Wallin],” said Wilder.

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Fury to fight Otto Wallin on September 14 in U.S

Fury’s promoters at Top Rank haven’t made a comment about why the 28-year-old Otto Wallin was selected for him to fight next. It’s a very strange choice by Top Rank, because Fury’s last against little known German fighter Schwarz failed to bring in huge ratings on ESPN+ or bring in a lot of fans on June 15 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

After the poor numbers that fight brought, Fury was supposed to be facing a guy that the U.S boxing public had heard of. Former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin was mentioned as a possible option, but he reportedly turned down the fight. The other two talked about options for Fury’s September 14 fight were Junior Fa and Johann Duhaupas.

Wilder: Fury should have picked someone fans would be excited at seeing

“I hope I’m saying his name right, because I’ve been butchering his name all night tonight,” said Wilder about Otto Wallin. That is ridiculous. Look who he’s fighting though. If you’re going to take over a man’s date, at least fight someone that people are going to be excited at seeing or know a little bit [about]. He keeps pulling out these night shift grave workers, and fighting them, and talking about how he’s the best. He’s not the best.

As the media, you’ve got to do your job as well, and call out that bull s–t, because that’s bull s–t at it’s best. You ain’t coming over here saying how he’s saving America with a Tom Schwarz, and an Otto, whoever he is, and talking about he’s the best with an invisible belt. Nah, I don’t buy it,” said Wilder about Fury and his opponent Wallin.

Tyson Fury about to fight another no name

Top Rank must be feeling bad about all this. They signed Fury, thinking they’d turn him into a star in the U.S, and it’s not happening. They make the mistake of matching Fury, a guy that the casual fans aren’t familiar with, against an unknown guy from Germany in Tom Schwarz. Now Top Rank is compounding the problem by matching Fury against an equally unknown fighter in Wallin. Some fans believe that Top Rank boss Bob Arum thinks that he can use the same match-making formula that worked for George Foreman to turn him into a household name in the early 1990s when he made his comeback.

Foreman was matched against 24 obscure opponents of little talent before put in with a prime Evander Holyfield in 1991. Even though Foreman lost the fight, his popularity continue to soar due to his personality, and his impressive knockout wins over poor opposition. The soft match-making paid off, as Foreman dethroned IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Michael Moorer in stopping him in the 10th round in November 1994. However, it was a different era back then, and Foreman was an American with a speaking style that the U.S boxing fans could identify with.

Foreman’s situation different than Fury’s

It didn’t hurt that Foreman captured a gold medal for the United States in the 1968 Olympics, and he later won a heavyweight world title in beating Joe Frazier in 1973. Fury has none of those things going for him. He’s not a slugger like Foreman, he’s not from the U.S, and his fighting style of not crowd-pleasing. Fury is an old fashioned spoiler, and frustrating for some fans to watch, because it doesn’t mix it up with his opponents.

Wilder talks Dillian Whyte situation

“I’m hearing the VADA test was way earlier than the UKAD test,” said Wilder in commenting on Dillian Whyte’s adverse findings for test for his last fight against Oscar Rivas. “So that really don’t count. The VADA test wasn’t the one that was involved in it. It was UKAD. VADA don’t really matter.

The man had anabol in his system. I don’t care who tested him. When you come up with something in your system, how did it get there for one? For two, he’s [Whyte] a second time offender, so we really can’t trust him, because this is his second time doing it,” Wilder said about Whyte having tested positive in 2012 for a banned substance.

“They want to shine some light about VADA came clean. Yeah, of course. So what? What about how the anabol got there? What about the other tests that was going? Nobody is buying that. I think they’re stalling. We need to come out with the truth, man. Typical Eddie [Hearn],” said Wilder when asked, ‘What do you think about Eddie Hearn defending Dillian Whyte?’

Hearn is a hypocrite says Wilder

“He’ll criticize one fighter in Jarrell Miller, saying how disgusting that was, but when it’s done for him on his side, it’s like some hypocritical s–t. It’s everyone’s responsibility to tell the next fighter,” Wilder said in commenting about how he believes Rivas should have been told by Hearn about Whyte’s adverse findings for his drug test before their July 20th fight in London, England.

The boxing world is patiently waiting for the UKAD to release the test results for Whyte’s B-sample collected from June 17th. That’s the date that Whyte’s A-sample is said to have turned up an adverse test. Whyte was later cleared by UKAD after he attended a hearing on the morning of his fight with Rivas on July 20, but the WBC nor Rivas and his team.

Wilder says Whyte needs to be made an example of

“Come on, we’re risking our lives in there. We got two fighters that already lost their lives,” said Wilder. “For them to do that, and not to let Oscar Rivas know, that they just found a little bit of anabol. Do you know what anabol does? I didn’t know what it was until I started doing some research. That’s a hell of a drug to be taking,” said Wilder.

I think he [Rivas] deserved to know [about Whyte’s positive test]. I don’t care what happens. When you find a little trace like that, that little trace could be the X-factor in the fight, and they was wrong for that, especially for fighters that want to cry and run their mouth [Whyte]. None of the organizations want to punish him. Send him my way, I got a good belt for him. It’s one of those things when you wake up, you don’t know how you woke up. You just woke up,” said Wilder.

Fighters using PEDs are committing a crime says Wilder

“It amazes me to see these fighters on these drugs, especially in the heavyweight division. That’s a crime. You are trying to commit a murder. These actions speak louder than my words. I think some justice needs to be done about this. It needs to be done fast. Someone has to be the guinea pig. Someone has to have the law laid down on them to show others that this is very wrong to do. There is no way around it.

There’s a chance that Whyte will be cleared depending on what happens with his B-sample. UKAD is doing the testing. It’s unclear whether there will be any additional testing agencies that test the same samples collected by UKAD. It might make some boxing fans feel a little bit better if VADA verified the testing results from UKAD’s test.

Deontay doesn’t care how the drug got in Whyte’s system

I don’t care how it [the drug] got there,” said Wilder. “It was there. These guys, it’s always something, ‘I don’t know.’ Get the f–k out of here. Why are they paying all this money for these [testing] organizations to test these guys? For what? I can keep my money, if you’re not going to do anything about it [to punish the fighters that test positive], why am I paying you to sanction it to have it tested? I’d rather just test my luck. Man vs. machine.

As you’ve seen, I’ve got the eraser. I’m not worried abut nobody being on no drug. After I finish what I’m going to do to you, you’re going to do something to yourself, and that’s called the after effect of the drug that you’re taking. It’s going to do something to you after I get finished. Hey, keep taking these drugs. These guys ain’t effecting me, because I’ll fight them whether they’re on the drug or off the drug. It’ll make me even more madder, because I know they’re on it. Now I really want to do something.

Wilder sickened by drug situation in boxing

It’s just a horrible situation. It’s sickening to talk about guys taking drugs in a combat sport. Sometimes I try to put myself in their situation, and say why I would take it. These guys take it to advance their careers, to take it to the next step, because their sorry ass can’t do it themselves. You’re a punk.

If you’re taking drugs in a combat sport, you can hear it right now from Deontay Wilder, you’re a punk. It’s disgusting. How can you win a match or a title, and say, ‘I did it, I’m a champion,’ when you know you’ve been taking something in your ass or taking something orally through your mouth? Then you say you did it. You ain’t no real warrior. That ain’t no true warrior to say, ‘I did it,’ but they have a different mentality.

With any testing that’s done, there can potentially be false positives. If something went erratic in the testing of Whyte’s A-sample last June, then a false positive might have resulted. It’s way too early to tell. What boxing fans are upset about is there was no visibility during the process. They feel that Rivas, his team, WBC and VADA should have been informed about Whyte’s adverse test.

Wilder says he’d be furious if he were Oscar Rivas

“I’d be furious,” said Wilder when asked what he thinks about what is going through Oscar Rivas’ head right now after learning about Whyte’s adverse findings. “Of course, he’s going to take action. You fight me with the advantage. And you fought me cheating. You didn’t give me the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to fight or not. Of course, they didn’t tell him [Rivas], because they didn’t want the fight to be canceled. It was money on the line, and it was a show. You know the promoter Eddie [Hearn] didn’t want that show to stop, and it’s wrong. I don’t care what happened. The man cheated.

Rivas should have been given option to fight Whyte or not says Wilder

The opponent [Rivas] should have been given the option of whether he wanted to fight or not. Of course, he’s going to have boundaries and rules. Maybe he’s going to want more money? Maybe you don’t want to do that, and I think that was very wrong. Of course, the opponent should be given an option whether he wants to fight or not.

If I was him, I’d see more action immediately. After they come back for the B-sample [for Whyte’s adverse findings] or whatever they’re waiting on; that’s what everybody is waiting to see.  What happens with this test? They’re taking a lot of time. Somebody is trying to get some stuff together. They’re in the heat of the fire right now. It’s like watching the ‘Heat of the Night,’ starring Eddie Hearn and Dillian ‘Bol Head’ Whyte,” said Wilder.

Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing allowed the July 20th Whyte-Rivas fight to go ahead, because Dillian was cleared by the British Boxing Board of Control and UKAD. Since it was a confidential process, it wasn’t for Hearn to breaking the confidentially agreement by telling Rivas’ team. That’s something would be up to UKAD and the BBBofC to do, if that was within their rules.

Arreola still useful as a gatekeeper says Wilder in talking about Kownacki fight

“People understand who’s the baddest man on the planet,” said Wilder last Saturday night. “I literally can’t walk the streets over in England, because of the fans. Thy’re huge in boxing. Even a child could talk to you about boxing. The great thing about is everyone recognizes who’s the baddest man on the planet. Everybody showed me love.

A lot of people wanted to talk about the Fury fight, which I wanted to hear. I wanted to see what the fans thought over there, and I can tell you right now, going over there, they all know I knocked him out. The ones that are his fans, they say he tipped it just a little bit. It’s not a wide margin thing.

Wilder impressed with Kownacki and Arreola

“I tell people the truth, I want to know what they think about it, and they gave me their honest opinion. I thought it was a great performance from both,” said Wilder about the Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola fight last Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. “Both were like Rock ’em Sock em’ robots. They were in the phone-booth, as Lennox [Lewis] called it, and it was an amazing fight.

These guys made history throwing so many punches in the fight. Arreola is a good gatekeeper for some of these up and coming guys. Arreola is definitely the man to test these guys to see what level they’re on. I’d like to see Arreola against another prospect. I think he did an amazing job, and I don’t think he should quit just yet.

Arreola gave Kownacki a lot of problems in the process of losing an entertaining 12 round decision. The two heavyweights broke the CompuBox record for most punches thrown in a heavyweight clash. Before the fight, Arreola, 38, had said that he would retire if he lost.

Arreola not saying if he’ll retire

Afterwards, Arreola wasn’t certain whether he would or not. He said he wants to think about it. Wilder believes that Arreola still has a little left in him to continue fighting. However, if Arreola isn’t getting paid enough to make it worthwhile to be a gatekeeper, then it might not be worth it to continue on. Arreola wants to fight for a world title, and that isn’t going to happen if he’s just going to be a gatekeeper. The money that gatekeepers make is considerably less than what world title challengers make.

Wilder unsure how long Kownacki would last against him

I don’t know how fast I would get him [out of there],” said Wilder when asked how fast he’d knockout Kownacki when/if he faces him in the future. “Styles make fights, and he throws a lot of punches, as you can see. He made history tonight. So, you’ve got to put that into consideration. Although he throws a lot of punches, he’s vulnerable. We know I have a one hitter quitter, and that could change the fight all the way around. It’s going to be an interesting fight to see.

Once I handle business [against Luis Ortiz, Tyson Fury and the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. winner] and do what I got to do in the heavyweight division, you’ll definitely see a Wilder and Kownacki [fight]. With my fans and his Polish fans, it’ll definitely be an amazing fight. When I think about Polish fans, I always think about the Artur Szpilka fight when it was filled with Polish fans [in 2016]. They came with great energy and great spirit,” said Wilder.


Adam Kownacki would take a lot of shots from Wilder

Kownacki (20-0, 15 KOs) was wide open for everything that Arreola hit him with last Saturday night. If Kownacki can handle getting hit on the button with Wilder’s best right hand shots all night long, he’d have a shot at beating him. It could down to physics. Wilder’s right hand power is to such an extent, that even a fighter like Kownacki won’t be able to take getting hit on the button repeatedly for 12 rounds. If Wilder suffers a broken right hand like he did against Bermane Stiverne in their first fight, then Kownacki would have a shot at beating him.

Wilder hit Stiverne with some major shots before he suffered the broken hand early in the contest. Kownacki might not be able to take those kinds of blasts without getting knocked unconscious by Wilder. It’s way too early to be talking about a Wilder vs. Kownacki fight. Wilder has to beat Luis Ortiz, Tyson Fury and then the winner of the Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua fight before a fight against Kownacki can happen. It’s possible Wilder will lose along the way to one of those guys, which would make a fight between him and Kownacki irrelevant.

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