Has Tyson Fury lost his mind?

By Michael Vena - 08/27/2018 - Comments

Image: Has Tyson Fury lost his mind?

By Yannis Mihanos: There is a mad side in each and every one. This side to most people stays quiet to other becomes louder as time goes by. Others call it authenticity others simply call it lunacy.

The long time of absence from boxing was combined with a lot of binging and recklessness for Tyson Fury (27-0). His inner demons took the worst out of him.

Despite all that happened he has now returned in the fighting scene and he is trying to get back to the top of the heavyweight division.

Coming back from such inactivity demands a lot of hard work, those who come back from long retirements have often an uphill road to climb and many times they have questionable intentions. It’s no surprise that  quickly look for  shortcuts in the way. Rarely someone goes all the way and rarely someone really means it. I heard that Andre Ward also is thinking of a comeback  because there are still good offers for him and may not take so long to get in tip top shape.

Fury returned in a very much  out of shape form, terribly overweight but with willingness to make up for it with hard work.

At the beginning he spoke about the need of many tune up fights in the year of 2018 preferably with veterans of the sport like Briggs or Tarver and it made sense.

Yet all this seems to go out of the window with his decision to fight Deontay Wilder (40-0) before the end of 2018 maybe even as early as November. I wonder what changed his mind so fast, because the fighter I watched against Francesco Pianeta showed that he still needs a lot of improvement to be a threat for the big guns.

Maybe the offer was too good to refuse,  even if it comes  months earlier than it should be, but hey this is Tyson Fury and you never really know what to expect.

One fact is that Fury in his second tune up fight did appear physically improved, he has lost a lot of excess weight. Another fact is that his opponent Pianeta never tried to bring it on  almost seemed like he was satisfied to be an expensive sparring partner to Fury.

Another fact is that promoters like big mouths because this improves ticket sales. In boxing business comes first and for that, Fury is second to none in the heavyweight division like I read in a comment and I very much agree he is an A-class mouth for this kind of job, others are too serious, committed, boring or do not know how to rumble with words.

Fury is definitely an intelligent fella who also has a dark side. There is some madness in him. It is safe to say that with Fury the unexpected is greatly expected.

The Fury vs. Wilder fight hasn’t been officially finalized yet. Some details are still missing, but both sides are certain that it will happen soon.

Whether Tyson Fury has lost his mind once again or has a plan we will find out as soon as this fight is completed.