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Deontay Wilder wants drug cheats to be jailed!

By Jeff Aramow: WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has a sure fire way of stopping drug cheats permanently in the sport of boxing by having them sent to jail after they test positive for banned drugs.

Wilder says the sanctioning bodies allow the fighters back after they test positive because they’re making money off of them in the form of sanctioning fees.

Wilder is disgusted with fighter that test positive for drugs, as he sees them as trying to gain an edge by using chemicals to allow them to do what their bodies don’t naturally allow them to do inside the ring.

The highly popular Mexican fighter Saul Canelo Alvarez tested positive twice last February for the performance enhancing drug clenbuterol, and he’s blamed his positive test on him eating tainted meat. It’s expected that Canelo will be allowed to face middleweight champion Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin on May 5th without being fined, penalized or banned from the sport for his positive drug test.

World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman has already come out and said that he THINKS Canelo’s positive test for clenbuterol was because of him eating infected meat in Mexico. Sulaiman is giving Canelo a pass because he thinks he ate clenbuterol tainted meat. Sulaiman doesn’t know for a fact that’s how the drug up in Canelo’s test results.

Wilder said this to Gerry Cooney/Randy Gordon Sirius/XM:

“These sanctioning bodies, they’re getting money off of those belts,” Wilder said. “That’s why they keep bringing these guys back. Money rules boxing. It’s just sad that this stuff is going on in boxing — that these guys need to do these kinds of things to have a come-up, to get an edge over these fighters. We risk our lives in the ring anyway. Now you’re putting something in your body that gives you even more bodily damage that will be applied to me. They should go to jail. Anybody that’s cheating in boxing, they should just go to jail. That’ll cut it out. As long as we have money involved, when we have the politics and all that involved, nothing’s going to be done about it.”

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Wilder’s wish for drug cheats to be jailed isn’t likely to happen. But what does make sense is for fighters to be suspended more often and banned permanently if they test positive on more than one occasion for PEDs. That would end a message to potential drug cheats that they can’t count on getting away with using drugs without potentially ruining their boxing careers. The sanctioning bodies and Commissions need to stop accepting the tainted meat excuse from fighters testing positive for clenbuterol, as this has been a potential loophole for them to circumvent the rules prohibiting this substance from being used.

As long as fighters can say they’re a victim of having eaten tainted meat containing clenbuterol, they’ll continue to use that excuse each time they’re popped for the drug. The problem the state commissions have in trying to halt the use of the clenbuterol excuse is that even if one Commission chooses to reject the tainted meat excuse, it won’t prevent that same fighter shopping for another state that still accepts that excuse. So, if Nevada says no more tainted meat excuse by fighters, then it’s likely the drug cheats will avoid fighting in Nevada and instead will look to fight in whatever state they can use that excuse to get out of a positive test for clenbuterol.

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