Has GGG really aged?

By Michael Vena - 02/24/2018 - Comments

Image: Has GGG really aged?

By Yannis Mihanos: Now that the second Saul Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) vs. Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) match is on for May 5th, many boxing experts and fans from around the world are exchanging opinions and thoughts about the outcome of the fight. The arguments come and go and some they are rather interesting and intriguing like the one that says Golovkin has aged.

The truth is that time cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down. In boxing many fighters often continue well over their “expiring date” only to get more embarrassed and more defeated. Call it pride or just money, they go on despite the obvious signs of ageing.

The key factor in ageing can make a difference only if the other person is not like he used to, if he is boxing with less passion, power, intelligence, speed, heart. With an overall limited presence, it can even be presented as an excuse to cover unwillingness to do whatever it takes to be a success.

Is that really the case with Golovkin? I don’t think so. Gennady is an elite professional, one of the few who does not allow a single day in the gym to pass without training hard.

Bernard Hopkins had also a strict work ethic that lead him to fight well until 51. It seems that time is kinder with those who do the work.

How many times have we seen brilliant talented fighters coming in the sport with a lot of flair and promise and yet because they are not consistent in their training with the years turn into average fighters?

Signs of ageing can also be detected in fighters who have gone through many injuries. Many risk takers pay the price. They go in for the kill and get caught up in serious beatings, one of the last guys that happened this way is Kell Brook he has now done eye surgery in both eyes, for how long can he continue? In this condition not for long. A lot of fighters who have come back after serious operations are no longer the same.

Power very often defies ageing. Because of Golovkin’s undeniable punching power he has rarely been in wars and so he is mostly injury free. The wear and tear in his body is rather average.

Once legendary boxer Joe Louis said: “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” Canelo knows that all too well.

Whatever people say about Golovkin ageing the fact remains the same: He is still unbeaten. And yes, the draw in the first match helped the one side to stay in the game for a bit longer and continue drawing more attention.

The plan has always been to make three matches out of it, the same happened with the fight of Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley where Pacquiao won clearly all three matches despite losing one in the cards.

The investments in boxing often create imbalances, games are being played under the tables and it is not a new thing , for some this is frustrating especially for those who are closely involved with this sport (Team Golovkin )…