Kell Brook Must Retire from Boxing to Avoid Personal Health Disaster

By Boxing News - 05/31/2017 - Comments

Image: Kell Brook Must Retire from Boxing to Avoid Personal Health Disaster

By Rob Blakeman: So clearly there had been an uneven load caused by repairs to the first eye socket injury incurred by Brook. No one thought of that?!? I personally was astounded when the BBBC granted him license to fight again so soon after that horrific injury caused in the GGG fight. In any case it seems that the titanium plates fitted to the right orbital had caused stress and uneven distribution of tension to the opposing side of Brooks face.

When an orbital floor fracture is fixed, generally a plate is placed beneath the eye. This adds volume to the socket causing additional swelling. The socket needs further 8-10 weeks to completely heal before any judgment can be made about the eye area and adjacent bones of the face. The tightening of screws holding the plates in place create tension and possibly even micro fractures elsewhere-what else could explain the massive coincidence of back to back broken orbital sockets in just two fights? All those previous fights and this never happened and now 2 in a row? Not a chance of coincidence.

In any case, what happens when Brook gets punched again in the same area? A surgeon friend of mine here in Dubai tells me a double eye socket repair is very unusual and will impair the surrounding areas greatly and permanently. The next area which could be damaged is the zygomatic bone (the cheekbone or malar bone). This is a paired bone which articulates with the maxilla, the temporal bone, the sphenoid bone and the frontal bone. Brooks first injury held up well with its titanium support so the blunt trauma of the punches from Spence were distributed away from there to other areas, in this case the already stressed left orbital area. I doubt Spence punches as hard as GGG so obviously the construct of Brooks face is extremely compromised. If he fights again and further facial bone damage occurs it could become a horror story.

Zygomatic fractures will also need surgery involving plates to stabilise bone. Further surgery for Brook will bring more likelihood of scarring, infection, damage to nearby tissue and nerves, causing numbness, uneven facial features, bulging eyes, vision changes, and even permanent blindness. Surgery may also damage the sinuses and cause them to swell. Bone and tissue grafts installed during surgery may move out of place and create further damage. Plates and screws used to fix bones may become infected or need to be replaced in advancing years. He could even get a blood clot in his leg or arm which could travel to the heart or brain and cause life-threatening problems, such as a heart attack or stroke.

The writing is on the wall. Some please show this article to Brook and his wife. This won’t please Eddie Hearn but even he must know it’s time to put the cash cow out to pasture.

Please Kell, do the smart thing and quit at the top. You were great but it has to end sometime-for everyone.

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