Golovkin vs. Jacobs: Boxing fan excited about fight

By Michael Vena - 03/18/2017 - Comments

Image: Golovkin vs. Jacobs: Boxing fan excited about fight

By Yannis Mihanos: We are just hours away from this important middleweight division unification fight between Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs in the Mecca of Boxing at the Madison Square Garden, New York.

IBF/IBO/WBA/WBC middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (36-0, 33 KOs) is facing his biggest challenge and threat so far and for WBA champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (32-1, 29 KOs) is the same situation. They are both in the danger zone: where a champion gets to fight another champion.

Both have done great progress in their career arriving at this high stage. But here is the thing: tonight there is no way out, someone must leave with the victory and someone must leave from the back door as a loser.

Predictions are giving Golovkin the head advantage, GGG has definitely the tools to make this fight a real nightmare for Jacobs.

Golovkin is not a hot headed fighter but can knock out any fighter, he has the complete toolbox, if Jacobs makes the mistake to go at it early in the fight like Paulie Malignaggi advised, he might find himself early in the canvas.

Golovkin likes to test the power of his opponents and find from first hand whether there is need to hold his defenses up or not.

If Jacobs shows no fear, will get his chance for sure, most possibly in the early rounds.

As a square boxing thinker I would go for the logical outcome; Golovkin to win.

But as an excited boxing fan I want to watch Jacobs beating Golovkin and I will explain why.

Golovkin is an excellent fighter, a very intelligent one and accurate puncher, if his punches find the target as they usually do, this fight might not go the full 12 rounds. The damage can be devastating for Jacobs.

And so the prediction of coach Sanchez for Golovkin to win in about 7 or 8 rounds could come true.

It definitely could come true but is it good enough for the hungry boxing fan? I sincerely think not.

The true boxing fan wants this fight to go the distance.

If Jacobs means business as he has done with other opponents in the past and gives Golovkin enough problems, then this fight could get enough action to please the most demanding boxing fan.

Isn’t that what boxing is at it’s very best about? Explosive action, ups and downs? This is in my opinion what the demanding boxing fan would prefer to see. Not a one-sided contest, not a lop sided outcome but a real battle.

So I don’t know about you but the boxing fan in me choses Jacobs to win. Whatever your choice this Saturday night make sure you stay tuned for this fight with company or alone, with beer or without, it really doesn’t matter this is a personal thing for each one.