Mayweather was interested in promoting DeMarcus Corley vs Zab Judah rematch

By Brendan Taylor - 05/18/2016 - Comments

corley76By Brendan Taylor: DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley (44-27-1, 26 KO’s) has had a career which has seen him fight in 15 countries across the globe. The height of that career took place in the early part of the 2000’s as he picked up the WBO super lightweight title and would later pick up a quality victory over the hard punching Randall Bailey. Following his win against Bailey he took on Zab Judah and lost a competitive split decision to Judah back in 2003.

Both fighters have reached the point of “Father time” in their career and only Corley has remained active through the years. Judah’s last fight was a unanimous decision loss from Paulie Malignaggi back in 2013. Despite the long layoff, Judah has tried returning to the ring on numerous occasions only to have his fights cancelled. So with all that being taken into account, understand that Judah needs to shake off some ring rust.

Yesterday in an interview I did with DeMarcus Corley he expressed to me his desire to not just continue his fighting career, but to also make a rematch with Zab Judah happen. Through out the course of our conversation he details a sparring session that took place last year in Las Vegas between himself and Zab.”I put it on Zab for 2 rounds, all he gave me was 2 rounds” said Corley.

Corley would later go on to speak on how Floyd Mayweather was interested in making the rematch happen between Zab Judah and Corley, but Zab wasn’t interested in making the rematch happen. If a guy like Floyd Mayweather was to get behind an event like that with 2 established former champions I believe it could do well. Corley seems very hungry for a fight he feels he can win and if the fight is entertaining enough, then they could do a rubber match.

Corley interview seen here:

The ball is on Zab Judah’s court, personally I think he should have 2 tune ups to shake the ring rust before he fights a guy like Corley who’s been in the gym and has been active having 3 fights in 2016 already. The fight could sell decently, but a lot of that depends on Zab getting back in the ring and wanting the fight himself.

Hopefully both parties can come to an agreement and maybe Mayweather can push the fight on a TMT card down the line.