The enabling of Gennady Golovkin has to stop Part 2

golovkin200By Jermill Pennington: I wrote an article yesterday, and as usual I woke up the next morning and went through the comment section of the article. I always look forward to seeing what fans have to say about my perspective on things, good or bad.

To make a short story even shorter, the article I wrote was about Gennady Golovkin and his lack of competitive opposition thus far in his career. I also made point of how I believe his supporters are to blame for the lack of noteworthy fighters on his resume.

In the comment section I noticed many fans in support of Golovkin pointed out the many obstacles in boxing that stand in the way of making fights happen. Others made sure to address the lack of talent in the middleweight division. In my article I did state that I’m aware of the promotional and network divides that exist. Furthermore I perceive those hindrances as common knowledge to those who follow the sport. I like to think that I thoroughly address details, even those that I perceive as obvious. In this case I feel as though there has been a dropping of the ball on my behalf and for that I would like to formally apologize.

Dear Mr. Obvious,

I would like to apologize for not acknowledging network and promotional barriers that exist in boxing. I would also like to express my regret for not acknowledging the lack of talent currently in the middleweight division. I am aware that Mr. Loeffler of K2 promotions works exclusively with HBO, thus limiting probable opposition due to network divides. I am aware that Mr. Golovkin has beat most of the top opposition available in the middleweight division. With that said I do understand why you would ask “what do you want him to do.” Unfortunately that is not a question that I can answer as I don’t get paid to promote and sale the product that is Mr.Golovkin. As a consumer I do my job which is to consume. In return I would like the product that I consume to be as good as possible. I think that you and I share many of the same interest and I hope that we can collaborate in the future to get the fights we want, when we want them.


Jermill Pennington

Here’s something I find fascinating, how quickly fans turn in to a promoter, acting as if they’ve followed some paper trail of emails. Acting like they were in attendance while contracts were being negotiated. Being selective with the information that is released to what they consider truth, and what they consider as they like to put it “trying to stay relevant.”

Many mentioned the Erislandy Lara situation. Some said Lara was just talking and was not serious, how they know that I have no idea. Others said Lara brought nothing to the table and is irrelevant. I think both assertions are debatable, but here’s a fact, Erislandy Lara is legit and we all know that. When he called out Gennady none of us know if he was serious or not, one thing is sure Gennady never had to respond because for some reason fans dismissed before it could gain any attention. At least if Golovkin would have verbally called his bluff, you may not be reading this article today. Even Andre Ward in what seemed a bit out of character called Gennady out and even went as fair as to call him Little G. Basically shutting everyone up who said he wouldn’t.

Fans also mentioned all the guys Golovkin has called out, Floyd, Cotto, Froch and now Canelo. One thing in common with all the guys mentioned is that Golovkin has clear advantages over all of them whether it be size, strength or youth.

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As I’m writing this I realize it seems I’m going after Golovkin so I want to be clear with the point I’m trying to make. I am not going after Golovkin, I’m going after the fans that enable him. Seems to me the bar moves when it comes to Gennady. I can’t remember a time in boxing when heard fans saying “he doesn’t have to go up in weight and take challenges, he wants to unify the belts at middleweight.” We know he’s not getting Saunders, and no telling how long we’ll have to wait while he chases Canelo, so why not chase glory? I hate to double up on the clichés but daring to be great in the sport of boxing is more part of the sport than is holding belts.

If Gennady is to become the boxing star that I think he can be he’s going to have to take a challenge. His fanbase in my estimation are the same guys who were sold on him 2 years ago. If he want to become a household name he do something extraordinary, beating guys who are 100-1 underdogs is far from that. Just recently fans expressed that it was time for Errol Spence Jr to step up the competition, since he has done so beating Chris Algeri earning himself respect and some new fans. The enabling of Gennady Golovkin has to stop, but it won’t be priority until fans make their voices heard and push the issue.
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