Wladimir Klitschko – Tyson Fury Final Press Conference Quotes

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Wladimir Klitschko: “This is not the first time I’m fighting in Düsseldorf. I have faced many fighters that were different. This time, I have a colourful guy who’s young and wants the challenge.

“I heard him say he’s nervous, which means he’s well-prepared and alert. I’m nervous before every fight. I always face so many challenges. I’m happy that this fight will take place. We’ll see each other at the workout, the weigh-in and the fight. I want to thank the fans following this fight.”

“It’s not the first time a fight had to be postponed. I had a short break but now I’m back on top and ready to fight.”

“My brother came to camp as a visitor and we played around. It wasn’t sparring. It was like the old days, growing up together, training together and it was just fun. We hadn’t done it for a long time. It was good de ja vu.”

Tyson Fury: “Training is training as usual. Different day, different place. We had lots of sparring partners who all threw punches. I was injury-free. I ate my vitamins and drank plenty of water. I’ll be feeling good come fight night. It all comes crashing down when I get to the town and see the big posters. I’m really nervous and never felt this way before. I’m feeling really anxious with all the cameras and people looking at me… not really! ”

“I hope Wlad’s trained hard. I don’t want to scare him off like last time. If I say stuff at the press conferences, then we don’t have any fights. I’ll wind it in. I didn’t believe this fight was going to happen.

“I’m coming very fast for you, Wlad. Old champion, new champion. Enough said. Amen.”

“I think this is going to be one of my easiest fights. I know that sounds crazy because he’s a Super champion but I see so many chinks in his armours.

“There’s nothing he does that worries me. I’m attracted to him in every way. There are so many things he doesn’t do very well and we’ll see what I’m talking about on Saturday night.”

“Wladimir said anyone can become a champion if they dedicate their lives to boxing. I disagree. There are billions of people in the world but not many can be a champion.

“There are an elite few. Only me besides Wladimir could become champion – also Hughie Fury because he’s a special talent. You have to be an elite talent to be a champion. That’s what’s needed.”

Klitschko coach Banks: “Tyson, thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate it. This is what boxing is all about. You’ve got Tyson Fury, one of the most colourful heavyweights in a long time. He doesn’t hold his tongue back. Then you’ve got the reigning champion in Klitschko. I believe it’s the most interest the division has had in a long time.

“You’ve got one team saying my guy is going to win and the other saying the same. It comes down to what happens in the ring. Just the build-up is exciting – I love it. I love the stuff Tyson does. It all comes together as a part of the sport and I love this sport and all the characters in it.”

Peter Fury: “I just hope Rod Stewart’s on early so I can see it!

“Is Tyson Fury ready? Yes he is. Is he in the shape of his life? Yes he is. Does he need to be? Yes he does. We’re up against the best in the world and I’m looking forward to seeing a very good fight. I’ve got the greatest respect for Wladimir Klitschko and all of his team. You don’t want to miss this fight. Thank you very much.”

Mick Hennessy: “It’s great to be here in Dusseldorf for a sensational heavyweight showdown. The one thing for me is I would like to encourage British, Irish and Fury fans in general to get yourself over and pick up the last remaining tickets because the titles are changing hands on Saturday night.

“We are very confident. He gives it 100%, turns up and fights like a warrior. Let’s get this show on the road. We’re here in fight week. It’s a super event. Let’s do it.”

“Why wouldn’t the Gloves arrive on time? This is the biggest prize in sport, heavyweight boxing. It’s a dream to be involved in this. Why wouldn’t they be able to turn it around?

“Will we have the ones we approved? He tried to get his hands used to them and he couldn’t. There’s a health and safety issue – the gloves have to be right for Tyson’s hands.”

Bernd Bönte: “The gloves you are talking about were protoypes and were sent to the fabrication in Pakistan or India from Paffen Sports, a well-reputed company.

“We hope that they are here on time.”

“We have a contract and we go with the contract. We will not discuss it in front of the media. Everything else will be organised and decided by the governing bodies at the rules meeting.

“Team Fury took five weeks to decide. I don’t know whether you have to be an amateur or a professional to take five weeks to decide. We should not discuss this here. It is your fault but it doesn’t matter – we will have gloves on Friday.”

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