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Tyson Fury’s dad: We’re going to prove the nation wrong by beating Klitschko

fury56By Scott Gilfoid: Well, it looks like someone has let John Fury, the father of Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KOs), off his leash, as he’s really gone after IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs) and David Haye. I’m not sure why John Fury has issues with Haye, because you can make a strong argument that Haye did Tyson Fury a big favor by pulling out of their two scheduled fights due to injury problems.

Had Haye taken the fights, he likely would have blasted Fury out in short order, and we wouldn’t be talking about a Klitschko-Fury fight taking place later this month on November 28th at the ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany.

John Fury really believes that Tyson will be defeating Klitschko in this fight. John thinks that there isn’t a heavyweight in the division that possesses Tyson Fury’s fast feet, and he’s totally 100 percent convinced that he’ll be beating the 6’6” Klitschko. Personally, I don’t know what John is thinking to believe that Tyson will defeat Klitschko, but I just he doesn’t take it too hard when/if Fury gets smashed to bits by Klitschko on November 28th.

I’d hate to see John go to pieces over the loss for his son. I mean, it’s just a sport, right? It’s no big deal if Fury gets knocked out cold by Wladimir. It would just mean that Wladimir is the more talented athlete, that’s all. Tyson could definitely regroup and go back to fighting the likes of Martin Rogan, Vinny Maddalone and Big John McDermott again to continue to pad his resume nicely.

“We want to prove them all wrong,” John Fury said to IFL TV about the many critics who believe that Klitschko will have an easy time beating the 6’9” Tyson Fury this month on 11/28. “That’s what it’s all about here, proving the nation wrong. We’ve done all the hard work. We’ve done possibly all we can. There’s nothing left can do to let Tyson win. You know something? I know he’s [Tyson] going to win without a shadow of a doubt. There’s no heavyweight in the world that can do what my son can do. He can throw shots from the awkward-est [sic]. He moves a lot faster than any other heavyweight out there. Tyson Fury, you’ll see the best of him when he fights Wladimir Klitschko. That’s if Klitschko turns up. He might do a David Haye yet. We can’t see inside the minds of weak people [Wladimir]. He’s a great champion, but he’s weak-minded,” John Fury said.

Oh my, doesn’t John Fury sound like he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulders? It seems he doesn’t want to agree with the nation/world of doubters out there who see Tyson Fury as having no chance against Wladimir. What a pity. I guess he’ll have to come to terms with reality on November 28th or else be forced to live in denial about it if/when things don’t turn out like he’s planned.

I don’t think for a second that Tyson Fury is going to be able to defeat Klitschko in this fight, but that’s me. I can spot talent from a mile away, and I go with the talent. It’s a nice story if Tyson Fury would be able to rise up above his limited ability to beat a world class athlete like Wladmir.

It would make for a nice story, and it would definitely help Fury feather his financial nest with a big payday fight against Wladimir in a rematch in 2016. It would also potentially set up other big money fights for Fury against the likes of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, the winner of Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian Whyte, and even Haye if he ever does make it back into the ring without going down with another injury.

While John thinks Tyson Fury is a fast mover on his feet, I think the contrary. I see Tyson as a slow spider-like mover in the ring, and definitely not mobile enough to beat the likes of Wladimir or Deontay. I honestly don’t see John and Fury proving anything to the nation or the world on November 28th, other than confirming in their minds that Fury wasn’t good enough to beat Klitschko. I mean, John Fury needs to step back, take a long guzzle of some good coffee, and look hard at Tyson Fury to truly evaluate his talent without bias.

John should then take another guzzle of some good coffee and look at the talented Wladimir and Deontay to measure the difference in their talent compared to his son’s. I think if John does that, he’ll come to the same conclusion that I’ve come to in that Tyson Fury doesn’t have a prayer in this fight on November 28th.

As far as I can tell, the only thing we’re going to be deciding in this fight is how badly Fury is going to lose to Klitschko. Will it be by a brutal early knockout like the way Kubrat Pulev got it, or will it be by a one-sided beat down with Wladimir giving Fury a royal pounding in winning all 12 rounds by an easy one-sided decision.

I think Fury’s sake, it would be better for him to get done quick-like with an early knockout at the hands of Klitschko rather than taking a long pounding for 12 rounds. I think if Wladimir smashed Fury out quickly, he might be able to come back from the loss more or less still cogent than he would if he took a real bad beating for 12 rounds. The bad beatings tend to age fighters something fierce, and that might not be good for Fury.

If I’m John, I’d have a long talk with trainer Peter Fury to have him ready to throw in the white towel of surrender early in the fight when it becomes painfully obvious that Fury is just a punching bag with arms for Klitschko and not having a real chance of winning. At least if Peter Fury throws in the towel, Tyson can take less punishment and possibly come back from the loss to have future success against domestic level fighters like Dereck Chisora, Martin Rogan and David Price.

Ultimately, it’ll be up to Peter and Fury if they’re OK with the fight not going well, and if they feel that it’s best to continue. But for me, I think it would be best to pull the plug on the fight if Fury is just taking a terrible beating. The problem that Fury has in this match-up is that he doesn’t have the punching power to hurt Wladimir. That means that he’s not going to be able to come back from a huge deficit to score a knockout late in the fight. So if Fury falls behind in the first eight rounds, then his goose is pretty much cooked.

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