Smith-Fielding: Fireworks night in Liverpool

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By Daniel Hughes: The Echo Arena, Liverpool, England plays host to a much anticipated domestic super-middleweight match-up Saturday 7th November, when the unbeaten #1 WBC super middleweight contender Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding meet in a fight where the winner almost certainly will get a crack at world honors. Local rivals for sure, but both will be looking no further than for both will be the toughest test of their respective careers to date come Saturday night.

The fight is for the vacant British 168lb crown, the fight itself has a lot more riding on it two unbeaten fighters, world rankings and bragging rights. Callum Smith 17-0 (12 KO’s) pitted against Rocky Fielding 21-0 also 12 KO’s on his record. Callum Smith I have written about previously as a fighter I believe will go onto world honors, I called it early in his career and have not seen anything that persuades me otherwise. Smith the tall, rangy fighter powerful but unusual in that a lot of his best work is done on the inside, breaking down opponents by his impressive inside game. He knows he will have to be at his sharpest against Fielding a fighter who has improved tremendously these last 12 months. Rocky Fielding will be the underdog come Saturday night, but many are picking him to be able to beat Smith by his perceived edge in power, myself I believe both carry the ability to stop opponents but in different ways. Smith with combinations especially switching attacks from body to head, Fielding more looking for openings behind his jab then single shots.

Rocky Fielding has certainly shown a real improvement in his in ring work, he has looked a far more focused fighter, his conditioning has certainly improved after struggling with weight earlier in his career. He will have cut no corners for what he will know is ahead against Smith. Fielding will know what a win against Smith will do for his career, he not Smith will become a name that is around the top end of the world rankings. In the world title mix courtesy of a win against a local rival, no doubt making it all the sweeter.

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To those fans that enjoy the prospect of unbeaten fighters being tested on the bigger stage earlier in their careers, well there can be no complaints about the matching of fighters that both wanted a fight that they could have looked to make further down the line.

For the fight itself I believe Callum Smith will win either by late stoppage or on points by a margin of around 3 rounds. He has the edge for me in most departments. The power of both I believe to be equal, many favor Fielding. The edge in boxing ability, judging range, pacing a fight and ring nous are the factors that are the reasons I believe Callum Smith will have his hands raised come Saturday night. It’s a fight that boxing fans here in the UK have been looking forward to.

Both fighters respectful of the opponent, no unnecessary trash talking both believe they will stop the other. Boxing as it should be the talking will be done in the ring.

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