Fury would rather be KO’d by Klitschko than beaten on points

By Boxing News - 11/07/2015 - Comments

furyBy Scott Gilfoid: Undefeated Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KOs) says he’d rather be knocked out by IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs) than beaten by a decision in their fight this month on November 28th.

Fury feels that it is better that he goes all out for a victory and fails by being knocked out than if he keeps something in reserve and gets beaten by going the long haul.

Here’s the deal; I don’t think Fury is going to come out ahead whether he goes all out against Klitschko on 11/28 or if he plays it safe and winds up with a pizza face in losing a 12 round decision. The end result will be the same – Fury losing the fight. I guess the benefit of Fury going all out in the fight is that the beating will end quickly with him getting planted face first or something to that effect in losing fast.

“If I’ve got to go out on my sword trying to win, better off doing that than on points trying to not win – and then making excuses afterwards. You’re better off getting carried out,” Fury said via the telegraph.co.uk.

You know what I think? I see Fury’s above statement being a way for him to slide out of taking abuse for getting knocked out in this fight. By Fury saying that he intentionally fought as hard as possible and put himself in the position of being KO’d, some boxing fans might give him less criticism afterwards.

I see through Fury’s act though. I think Fury is just trying to get out of being raked over the coals by the fans if/when he gets knocked out by Wladimir in this fight, and I do see him getting knocked out. The end result of a fighter like Fury messing with a guy like Klitschko or Deontay Wilder is him getting knocked out. It’s like someone messing with a big Kodiak bear during the winter time. You’re going to get royally mauled.

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“I don’t admire him,” Fury said about Klitschko. “I’m getting into fight mode, and I believe I will do a demolition job on him.”

I’m sure Wladimir is all broken up about Fury not admiring him. It must keep him up at night worrying about that.

I think it’s going to be very, very interesting to see what happens with Fury when he goes on the attack mode and tries to tangle with Klitschko in this fight rather than using the “Old lean back,” as Fury describes the defensive posture that he plans on using in the fight.

I just hope Fury doesn’t go into the fight looking to get disqualified by head-butting Wladimir, because in a recent video, Fury described how he’d be coming forward head-first and would look to throw an uppercut when he gets close enough to do that. It would be such a sad fight if Fury rams Wladimir with his head first and then nails him with an uppercut while he’s stunned from the head-butt. I mean, it would be so bad if Fury first brains Wladimir with his head and then nails with a punch immediately after. I hope the referee is on his J-O-B on November 28th, because this fight needs to be conducted under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules rather than a primitive anything goes type of fight.

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