Quigg: The fight we all want is almost made

quigg6666By Scott Gilfoid: WBA “regular” super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg (31-0-2, 23 KOs) says his unification fight against IBF 122lb champion Carl Frampton (21-0, 14 KOs) is almost a done deal for the two of them to face each other in February next year in Manchester, UK.

According to Quigg, the fight between them is the one that everyone wants to see and is right up there with the Kell Brook vs. Amir Khan fight in terms of being the biggest fight in British boxing right now.

I personally am not excited at all in seeing Quigg and Frampton fight it out. I see this as merely a fight between two lesser champions at super bantamweight. The guy that I recognized as the overall real champion at 122 is Guillermo Rigondeaux. As such, unless Quigg is talking about him or Frampton finally being on the verge of facing Rigondeaux, then I can’t see this fight as being the one that “everyone wants to see.”

There are some boxing fans who feel that Frampton and Quigg are both waiting out the now 35-year-old Rigondeaux until he gets old enough for them to beat him. Rigondeaux was already interested in facing those two fighters three years ago, but thus far he’s been unable to get them inside the ring for some reason.

“It’s the fight [Quigg v. Frampton] we all want, it’s the fight everybody wants to see and it’s the closest it’s ever been to being made,” Quigg said to skysports.com. “Everybody wants to see it. It’s the biggest fight in British boxing alongside Kell Brook and Amir Khan.”

Well, Quigg and Frampton need to get this fight over with already and move on. The two of them have been yapping at each other for the longest of time without facing each other to prove who the No.3 or No.4 fighter is in the 122lb division.

I rate WBC super bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz as the No.2 fighter at 122 behind No.1 Rigondeaux. So for me the Quigg vs. Frampton fight is to establish who the No.3 fighter is in the division. That’s why I don’t understand why Quigg and Frampton have been taking their time about the fight. With Santa Cruz and Rigondeaux still out there, the Quigg-Frampton winner needs to get on their J-O-B and take that fight so they can actually prove something worthwhile.

If Quigg really wants to take on someone in a fight that ‘everyone wants to see,’ then he needs to move up in weight 4 pounds and face WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr or better yet WBO champ Vasyl Lomachenko. I wonder how Frampton and Quigg would do against either of those guys? My guess is not every well.

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