Mayweather: Now everybody misses Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre BertoBy Chris Williams: Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has retired from boxing, he can sit back and watch the fans talking about him and speculating about whether he’ll come back next year to resume his career in 2016.

Mayweather notes that the fans were complaining about how boring he was in his fight against Andre Berto last Saturday night, and in his past fights. Now the fans are missing him, and he’s seeing it all from a far. Mayweather gets to see the fans asking him to come back, and it’s got to be a good feeling for him.

With the huge money that Mayweather made in his six-fight contract with Showtime/CBS, he no longer needs to fight any longer. Mayweather doesn’t need to be like the many fighters that continue well past their prime in the sport because they didn’t sock enough money away in their savings accounts to retire.

“It’s finally over. I was trying to get him out of there even in the 12th,” Mayweather said to fighthype. “I made some smart investments. I had a brilliant game plan. I thought they said I was a boring fighter. They said all I do is hold. They said all I do is run. Now everybody misses Floyd Mayweather,” Mayweather said.

If I was Mayweather I would make the fans grovel and beg before I considered coming back to the sport. If the fans want Mayweather bad enough they’ll prostrate themselves before him to show how they want him back.

It’ true that the boxing world is going to miss Floyd and it’ll get worse before it gets better. The fans are going to start getting really desperate in the first quarter of 2016, when all they have is Manny Pacquiao to watch instead of Mayweather.

The fans are going to likely start pushing Mayweather like crazy to get him to come out of retirement so that he can whip Pacquiao a second time or beat up on Miguel Cotto and/or Saul “Canelo” Alvarez a second time.

Mayweather is in a perfect position to watch the fans beg him to come back, and he can either grant them their wish or tell those fans ‘No thanks. You didn’t appreciate me while I was fighting, so you’re not going to see me come back.’

Mayweather has nothing to prove anymore because he beat all the top fighters in the welterweight division, and he beat the ones that count in the junior middleweight division.

If Mayweather came back in 2016, it would just be a repeat of his dominating performances against Pacquiao, Cotto or Canelo. Unless Mayweather wanted to something daring by fighting Gennady Golovkin and exposing him as a slow and limited fighter, it would be really boring for Mayweather to whop the same guys for a second time.

I’m sure there are some fans that would like to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao, Canelo or Cotto again just so that they can see if one of those fighters could beat Mayweather the second time around. But that’s not going to happen because Mayweather already has their number and he’s not going to be beaten by them no matter how many times he fights them.

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