Why Mayweather is not TBE [The Best Ever]

By Rick Jones III - 07/17/2015 - Comments

Floyd MayweatherBy Rick Jones III: One of the many things that seems to blind fans in boxing is the fact that everyone is equal. I have been around the sport of boxing for more than 30 years. I have seen and lived in and out of the ring. Boxing is a battle field and that’s where every fighter does his talking and proving their worth.

Boxers train for months to with stand 12 rounds of unpredicted hits and moves in a ring that contains the best of the best. The only person that can successfully be a boxer is the boxer himself, everything outside of the ring means nothing. People need to understand that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is just like every other fighter.

Mayweather breathes and bleeds like everyone else. The hardcore Mayweather fans forget that rules still apply to the “TBE” [The Best Ever]. Question? Why did Mayweather get stripped of his title? I mean, he is the “TBE” and the BEST ever fights the number one contender right? Oh wait! I remember since Floyd Mayweather Jr thinks he is BETTER than anyone in boxing he should decide who and when he fights which is TOTAL BS.

The Greatest OF ALL TIME will and always be Muhammad Ali. Ali never demanded anything and to be honest he showed up and FOUGHT anyone that was in his way to be “TBE” that is the whole reason why we fight and what we fight for. The whole reason why we Sanction fights and have these so called “Alphabet Titles” is for order and structure to prevent someone like Mr. Mayweather having so much leverage. Why didn’t we do this for Mike Tyson, Ali? Julio Cesar Chavez, Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano?

I know why because they fought the best to be the best, which in fact made it easy for the “Alphabet Titles” to maintain their structure. I hear all the time to do away with all these “Alphabet Titles” but for what so we can have more fighters like Mayweather who want to be babied for 10 or 15 so years. Look its simple the current champion fights against the number one contender. For example, I am looking at the ratings now for the titles that Mayweather has or had. WBA at 154 is Erislandy Lara and Jack Culcay and then you have the WBC at 154 is Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, but since he fought and beat this fighter the next best one is Jermell Charlo and Anthony Mundine and then we have the WBO at 147, which is Timothy Bradley. And finally the last is the IBF at 147, which is Kell Brooks the champion because for some reason they don’t have a 1# or 2# ranked fighter, who I am guessing is Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather also holds the WBA and WBC titles at 147 and the fighter next in line to fight are Keith Thurman, Amir Khan, Shawn Porter, and Andre Berto. Now take these rankings with a grain of salt the true boxing fan knows exactly who Mayweather should be fighting and it comes down to four from the ratings I provided. In no particular order they are Lara, Keith Thurman, Tim Bradley, and Brooks. All are some sort of champion according to the rankings which in Brooks and Bradley’s case Mayweather is the 1# contender/Mandatory.

Thurman and Lara are WBA world Champs which to me means 1# contender/ mandatory. So by default, Mayweather has at least two title defenses and two title fights to become the undisputed champion. So I ask again why is Berto getting the nod to fight Mayweather next. When clearly he has a ton of competition trying to take his titles away and threatening and his “TBE” title from him. A true boxing champion fights the best of the best that is next in line. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself but I will to make a point.

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