Who made fun of the Mayweather wood-cutting?

By Babatis Banda: All of you Floyd Mayweather Jr. haters, including some renowned sports personalities that made disparaging remarks of this genius, I say swallow hard and very hard of the truth staring right at you. First and foremost, I want to point out that we agreed well in advance, before this epic fight that excuses from either camp will not be tolerated.

This shoulder embarrassment should not even come up because had Manny won, nobody was ever going to say anything about it. So did Roach lie about everything he said about Manny before the fight? Will you ever believe him again?

It is evident that Manny Pacquiao has support of most of these sports personalities and for a reason. They hate Mayweather for his success. They hate him for the money he has made. I truly believe no any other boxer or any other spot in history will ever make this kind of money. They hate Floyd for attempting to shadow them and they hate him for what he believes in, himself. It is pure hate and I love it when time and again Floyd shuts them up and zip their mouths.

Many talk about Mayweather being boring. Floyd is not boring it is because he is rarely hit and so if you don’t like him you will find it boring. If Floyd was hit more, it would satisfy your souls so much that it will become exciting and this is the truth. Unfortunately, there is no boxer this era that can force and make Floyd vulnerable. All you haters need is to find someone who takes Floyd out of his comfort zone and beat him up but unfortunately there is none.

Some quarters made fun of Floyd’s preparations to this fight. Did you see how fit Floyd was? Who made fun of the wood-cutting? Did you see the check-hooks, the stiff sticks to Manny’s face and the sharp wicked straight rights? I know when Floyd is long gone and when all is said and done our children and grandchildren will not have to debate how great he is. If he is the greatest of this era, how can he not be considered alongside the greats of other eras? Take off your hate jacket, put it aside and acknowledge how good this young man is and your loss will not hurt that much more.

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