Golovkin destroys Monroe

By Boxing News - 05/17/2015 - Comments

Image: Golovkin destroys MonroeBy Gerardo Granados: Once I wrote an article in which many question have not been answered, back then Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin aka GGG was practically a new face to the casual fans but now he is known and not only the Mexican fan base has already embrace him as one of his favorites. How often do the readers get to see the crowd react to a fighter the way it does with GGG?

As expected Monroe´s lack of punching power turned him into a tailor made prey for the middleweight lion king. Willie hit flush with speed punches but Gennady simply walked thru and bullied a good boxer but in did not an elite one.

Just as Max Kellerman asked to Golovkin some could see that he got hit with quite ease and might think they could do it too, but to me it was more like Gennady allowed Monroe Jr due his lack of punching power and also his will to please the crowd and not because Golovkin was unable to show his good defensive skills against him.
Do you believe Golovkin was unable or unwilling to play it safe against Monroe? I bet he has the ring IQ, defensive skills and experience to outbox a smart boxer but Gennady´s Mexican Style of fighting is the result of not only his natural fighting ability but also of him to accept to please the crowd by taking the risks to get the knockout win.

I can tell that Hades was pleased with last night boxing event. Not only Golovkin pleased the crowd but on the undercard we had an Ace with one boxer as skilled as he is underrated by the top TV Networks. Triple division champion WBA minimum weight / light flyweight and current WBC flyweight undefeated Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez W43 (37)-L0-D0 is simply too good at offense and defense, a religious man, respectful of his opponents but also willing to beat up his opponents to the pulp. Chocolatito did and easy job of veteran former WBC light fly belt holder Edgar Sosa battering and knocking him out in just two rounds.

GGG is the mandatory challenger for the WBC middleweight strap but there have been reports about plans to pay him a step aside deal to allow Miguel Cotto to fight another suitable rival. Will Cotto´s new promoter Roc Nation allow him to take on Gennady? I would be surprised if Cotto does not vacate his belt to be able to avoid Golovkin.

Will southpaw Andy Lee end up fighting against Golovkin in September? The brave Irish warrior has the size and hunger to try to defeat him and for sure could win a lot of respect from fight fans by fighting him just as Martin Murray did. Do you recall Lee losing to Golovkin on the Bangkok Thailand 2003 World Championships?
Can Golovkin compete with Floyd Mayweather Jr and Canelo Alvarez on a September date? Do the Mexican Fan Base would chose to see him fight instead of Canelo or Money? Are Sicilians for Golovkin too? Is the winner of Hassan N´Dam vs David Lemieux a serious threat for GGG?

I know there are not many; but do the readers believe there are many middleweight boxers who can handle Golovkin punching power? Can Peter Quillin outbox and handle Golovkin power? Will Canelo Alvarez wait until Gennady slows down before moving up?
If Golovkin was American born will he be a world boxing star yet?

In the past a lot of questions were unanswered but now it is not about how really good and talented Golovkin might be but about if the so called big names and belt holders will dare to fight him. Do the readers agree?

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