DeGale doesn’t buy Pacquiao’s injury excuse

By Boxing News - 05/10/2015 - Comments

1-MAYPAC-FIGHTNIGHT-TRAPPFOTOS-5321By Scott Gilfoid: Super middleweight contender James DeGale says he watched the mega-clash between welterweight stars Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao and he says he thinks that Mayweather won 10 of the 12 rounds.

At best, DeGale gave Pacquiao 2 rounds in the fight. But what was upsetting to him was the injury excuse that Pacquiao used after the fight about him having a bum right shoulder that he came into the fight with.

DeGale doesn’t know why he brought that up, because he didn’t see any signs of Pacquiao having an injury. He also thinks it was a mistake on Pacquiao’s part to start talking about injuries after the fight because he’s now being sued by a number of people over this.

Pacquiao’s injury excuse has turned off a lot of boxing fans because they feel that he was just using that excuse as a way of saving face with his fans. However, Pacquiao did have surgery this past week so there must have been injury to his shoulder otherwise the surgeon wouldn’t have operated on him.

“Pacquiao’s stupid. I don’t know why he would want to talk about an injury after a fight,” DeGale said via the “People are trying to sue him now. And watching the fight, he was throwing with his left and his right, uppercuts, hooks – with everything. So I’m not having it that he was injured. He was throwing with both of his hands.”

DeGale shouldn’t be worrying his head about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight results because he’s got his own problems to be concerned with in his upcoming May 23rd fight against the talented American Andre Dirrell in Boston, Mass.

Dirrell is the favorite in this fight in the eyes of a lot of fans and it’s going to be doubly tough for DeGale to compete against the quicker and better skilled Dirrell.

“Mayweather was unbelievable that night. He boxed, his movement, his timing, his distance – they were all unbelievable,” DeGale said. “Pacquiao won two rounds for me; that’s it.”

I agree that Mayweather won the fight, but Pacquiao made it very, very close with the way he fought. Now if the injury was a legitimate one, I think Pacquiao might have been able to fight well enough to either get a draw or a win out of the fight. If he was fighting with just one arm then he was handicapped.

A rematch would likely be different for Pacquiao unless he has lingering effects from the surgery. If not, he would have two good arms for the second fight with Mayweather, and he’d know exactly how to fight him a second time. Pacquiao would know what works and what doesn’t work against him.

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