Audley Harrison wants Joshua or Chisora fights

By Boxing News - 01/03/2015 - Comments

audley77By Scott Gilfoid: 43-year-old heavyweight Audley Harrison (31-7, 23 KOs) is looking to return to the ring in 2015 after sitting out of action in 2014 following a 1st round blowout against the big punching Deontay Wilder in April of 2013.

Audley would like to get a fight against the unbeaten Anthony Joshua if possible. Harrison is also interested in facing the recently beaten Dereck Chisora. Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has talked about the idea of matching him against Audley, but it’s unclear how serious the interest was.

Chisora could use a good stay busy/confidence booster style fight following his recent stoppage loss to Tyson Fury. Audley, 6’5”, would be the perfect opponent for him if he wanted to try and score a quick knockout.

That being said, it would be a risky fight for Chisora because if he lost to Audley, it would be a huge blow to his career. Chisora looked out of his league against the taller 6’9” Fury. If Audley could keep his distance the same way Fury did then he could pull off an upset. It wouldn’t be a huge upset because Chisora is a pretty flawed fighter.

“There’s always a possibility of Joshua. I was talking to Eddie Hearn and Matchroom about fighting on a Sky show they had at the end of last year, but I was injured,” Audley said via the “We’ll have to see what’s out there. Whether it’s with a Joshua or a Dereck Chisora, I just want to get myself in shape and see where we are,” Audley said.

Frankly, I’d be very surprised if Hearn agreed to match Joshua against Audley, because it would be too much of a meaningless fight. We’ve seen Audley get blown out by David Price, Deontay Wilder and David Haye in quick knockout losses.

It wouldn’t give Joshua much of a status bump if he too was able to destroy Audley in the 1st or 2nd round. But what’s worse is that Audley can punch a little and he’s more fluid than Joshua.

If he can land one of his big left hands or right hooks on Joshua’s chin, we could see Joshua hitting the deck. If you look at the guys that Joshua has fought since turning pro in 2013, he’s been feasting on shorter fighters than himself.

He’s fought a lot of light hitters who couldn’t reach his chin. As old as Audley is, he’d have the size and the power to potentially KO Joshua and ruin his heavyweight title dream for now.

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