Quigg destroys Jamoye; Joshua stops Airich

By Scott Gilfoid: In a predictable outcome, WBA World super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg (29-0-2, 22 KOs) stopped the over-matched Stephane Jamoye (26-7, 16 KOs) in the 3rd round on Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK.

Quigg dropped the light hitting Jamoye with a right hand body shot in the 3rd round. Jamyoye was able to make it back to his feet at he count of 8, but he then staggered backwards, causing the referee Terry O’Connor to stop the fight at 1:13 of the round.

I can’t say I was impressed with Quigg though. He reminded me a of a poor man’s version of Kiko Martinez. I rate Martinez as a better fighter with better power than Quigg. He does everything that Quigg can do but a lot better. After this fight, I can’t see Quigg hanging with IBF super bantamweight champion Carl Frampton. I see Frampton as much, much better than Quigg.

“I went out and systematically broke him down in three rounds. No one has ever done that to him,” Quigg said after the fight. “I just went in and broke him down systematically. That’s the fight that I want next. There’s also Leo Santa Cruz who is fighting next.”

We’re looking at sitting down and having Chris Avalos step aside. The kids want it, the British fans want it,” Quigg’s promoter Eddie Hearn said. “Nothing should stop this fight from happening. We need to sit down and be smart and make the fight get made.”

If Hearn wants to cash out with the Frampton-Quigg fight, then I can agree with that. But if Hearn actually thinks that Quigg is in the same league as Frampton, then he’s really kidding himself. Frampton is a lot better than Quigg from what I saw tonight. I mean, neither of these guys are in the league of Guillermo Rigondeaux, but as far as who the better guy is between Quigg and Frampton, I got to pick Frampton. He’s a lot better. Quigg = a poor version of Kiko Martinez.

Quigg is more of a plodder. He needs an opponent to stand directly in front of him for him to do well, and that’s not going to happen with Frampton.


Heavyweight prospect Anthony Joshua (8-0, 8 KOs) stopped 35-year-old Russian journeyman Konstantin Airich (21-10-2, 17 KOs) in the 3rd round. Joshua knocked Airich down in the 3rd round after hurting him with a right hand.

Joshua flurried on Airich until he collapsed on the canvas. Joshua then hit Airich while he was down on the canvas. You can make an argument that Joshua should have been disqualified. After Airich got back to his feet, Joshua backed him up against the ropes and hurt him with a left hand to the head. Joshua then flurried on Airich until the referee Steve Gray stopped the fight at 1:16.

In the first couple of rounds Joshua jabbed and landed single shots. He looked kind of robotic with his shots and more than a little over-muscled.

“Did I? I don’t think I hit him while he was down,” Joshua said. “I wanted to get in some rounds. I wanted it to go 8 rounds. I was in with a durable guy. Some of the punches I hit him with would have knocked out other fighters.nThe champ is at a league of his own. There’s a lot of work that needs to be put in. The champ said that he had some ups and downs in his career. It’s not always going to be a smooth road. The experience really helped me in this fight.”

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn said “He could have done that in the first round but it’s about getting rounds in. He’s dispatching guys with ease.”


The Anthony Crolla (28-4-2, 11 KOs) vs. Gamaliel Diaz (38-11-3, 17 KOs) ended in a 3rd round technical draw after the fight was halted due to a cut that the 33-year-old Diaz suffered over his right eye from a head-butt in the 3rd round. The fight was pretty even at the time of the stoppage.

What was interesting about the Crolla-Diaz fight was that it was a WBO lightweight eliminator bout. It’s hard to stomach the fight being an eliminator bout due to Diaz not being ranked in the top 15 and with him having lost 2 out of his last 3 fights going into tonight’s fight. I mean, you’d like to think that Eddie Hearn would match Crolla up against a little better fighter than this in a WBO eliminator bout, but if the WBO was on board with it then what can you say?

Other boxing results on the card:

Sam Eggington TKO 8 Denton Vassell
Scott Cardle TKO 1 Kirk Goodings

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