The next great Irish hopes

By makingweight - 06/18/2014 - Comments

By Daniel Hughes: Ireland has a long, rich history of producing quality boxers, be it amateur or professional. The most successful sport in regards Olympic medals for Ireland, boxing and it again looks like having a very competitive team come Rio, Brazil 2016. John Joe Nevin has recently turned over to the pro ranks winning on his debut in Boston, Massachusetts after winning a silver medal at bantamweight at the London 2012 Olympics. His career now stalled by injury that is sadly another story.

The recent Irish addition of note to the paid ranks, Jason Quigley at 22 years old, for me nailed on to medal at the 2016 Olympics in the middleweight division and has decided to, of course, bring his entrance in the pro ranks forward. He has signed with Golden Boy Promotions. That he was chased by many promoters, it tells its own story a serious talent. He has a style that will be suited to the pro’s of that there is no doubt. Marketable, exciting to watch I expect him to certainly be one to watch in the coming years. The division he will campaign in middleweight, will bring out the best in him and the challenges ahead. He will certainly be a great long term addition to the middleweight scene, worth keeping an eye out for. He made a decision to curtail his amateur career by two years to turn pro. The amateur system in Ireland certainly has a healthy list of talent still.

The fighter I believe that in future years, if he keeps developing and stays focused to watch out for, is the light heavyweight prospect Joe Ward. He is only 20 years old. The plan being to compete at the 2016 Olympics, medal and then turn over to the professional ranks. If you judge by natural talent well Ward has plenty, more so a style by watching him in the amateurs which will be made for once he does become professional. He has impressed many insiders. Trainers that have witnessed prospects come and go over the years in pro gyms in Ireland and the UK. The general consensus being he will be something special.

Joe Ward, the man from Westmeath, Ireland a southpaw boxer with heavy hands will be followed with a nation behind him in Rio, Brazil, the Irish public is certainly looking for some new boxing heroes, two may well be on their way. One has turned pro, ne other will follow. Ireland has always got behind it’s boxers be it amateurs, like the seriously talented female Katie Taylor who could of sold out the Copperbox Arena, London Olympics 2012 by herself, to the many decorated men that have gone on to become professionals. It won’t be too long I think, until Irish boxing gets some great nights again.

Quigley, Ward they certainly look the pick of a very good talent crop coming through. Time will tell of course, Ireland and a love of its boxers, always good to see.

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