Cotto vs. Martinez Could Impact Several Weight Divisions

By Boxing News - 06/02/2014 - Comments

martinez7777(Photo credit: Top Rank and DiBella Entertainment/ Ed Mulholland) By Chester Rivers: When was the last time one fight had the potential to effect several weight divisions? From Manny Pacquiao at 147 to Andre Ward at 168, the major players in four different weight classes will be awaiting the outcome of Saturday’s night battle between 160 pound champion Sergio Martinez and challenger Miguel Cotto.

What impact will a Martinez victory have on the sport? Sergio Martinez has the frame to either move up to 168 or drop down to 154. If Martinez decide to move up in weight to 168 his name will immediately be linked to champions Andre Ward or Carl Froch of the U.K. If he decides to move down to 154 he could challenge the winner of Saul Alvarez and Esrilandy Lara.

Martinez could decide to clean out his own division and challenge Gennady Golovkin or Peter Quillen. Martinez is an awkward fighter to face. He’s a lefty that circles to the left and has speed and power to accommodate for some of his major flaws. At 168 his speed and movement could cause problems for either Ward or Froch. At 154, his movement and power would be to dominate for Alvarez or Lara and at 160 neither Golovkin or Quillen has the skill set to keep up.

In my opinion, if Martinez were to win he should concentrate on his own division to try make good on his promise of being Argentina’s best champion since Carlos Monzon.

How would a Cotto victory impact boxing? This is clearly Cotto’s legacy fight. A victory would make him the first Puerto Rican born fighter to win the middleweight championship. Other than history, major paydays also lay in wait if Cotto is victorious. Before this fight was official a challenge from Saul Alvarez was an option with a guaranteed 10 million dollar payday.

Cotto opted for the historical battle even though the opponent is a tougher foe for less money. A rematch with Manny Pacquiao was also mentioned by Bob Arum although Cotto insisted he will not sacrifice his health to make 147 and then there’s another potential rematch with the biggest fish in the sea Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 154.

In my opinion, If Cotto is victorious he should call out Mayweather Jr. The thought of a sixth division title belt would be very alluring to Mayweather Jr. and the money associated with fighting Mayweather would be alluring to Cotto.

Who will win on Saturday night? You’ll have to tune in to see because every major player from 147 to 168 will surely be watching.

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