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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather discussion

Boxing cannot afford to miss the mark at this critical moment. The call is to side with truth and stand in the gap. It’s time for every sports lover to take steps unhesitatingly for the good of all and the Sweet Science.

Reason is deaf to “reasoning” that insults intelligence. Halt dim “defenses” being proffered in media these days to conceal the light by hacks or by knocks. Debunk pretenses, for who can defend the defenseless? No moron, not even Gandhi or Hitler.

But why rush to officially announce the “Pacquiao-Bradley” rematch as reported? Are wily Bob and devious Koncz afraid that they would not earn the usual bucks from their cash cow in the proposed “Charity Fight”? They say the offer is serious but their actions tell it’s not. Why panic?

Don’t put Mayweather in a literally “impossible” fix. Pac’s “charity” dare may not necessarily be taken as literal. Pac and the whole world just want the Mega Bout to happen soonest for them to know for sure if it will ever happen or not. And in order that they could act with prudence accordingly, so they can ascertain what fight or fights they will have to patronize or boycott in the future.

This writer was told by a “knowledgeable” source that the proud “0-loss” boxer and his camp seriously consider now Pacquiao to be Floyd’s next opponent as they have probably opted to heed wise counsels over the songs of fools.

The Mayweather Team simply has to issue a public statement, if they are too shy to dial Pacquiao’s number, to get the ball rolling towards speedy formal negotiations. So give them until the end of this month or a little beyond, to assess their predicament and think it over.

Rush to make up your mind, Pretty Boy! Chances are running out. So much is at stake for you in this wrangle affecting your legacy and upcoming fights. Why be influenced by sycophants and pundits who have been deprived of brain lately? You can’t bear to remain out of tune chanting along with your paranoid crooners and few disoriented apostles with zero logic, especially when to dance is what you are being compelled to do, not sing.

Be wary of Simons the sorcerers lurking in shallow waters of opinion.

Mayweather and his handlers need to break away from their bad chorus and wake up within a week, the fans too. Don’t they realize that no argument can defend any person who claims to be the best in his field but ducks opportunities to prove himself worthy of the accolade? What reason could be more compelling for Mayweather to fight Pacquiao other than the reason why he dodges Pacquiao? Ponder that.

Salvation is never a game of popularity vote. You can shout “Barabbas” and crucify the truth but only for the truth to resurrect in a short while to forever live and reign.

The dream matchup endures to be the most sought after boxing event for this generation. Everyone has to play his role to make it come true. So instead of sounding hollow and hilarious, why don’t Mayweather worshipers simply convince their idol to be man enough to fight Pacquiao? Anything contrary to that to defend a “runner” would be equal to answering 3 when the question is 1+1. Unfathomable, what can be more elementary than that?

Saying Pacman could beat Floyd holds water because Pacman craves the fight and he’s a tough, aggressive southpaw fighter who savors action to challenge the wiz kid’s ring wizardry. But silly is the way to describe Mayweather devotees who insist that Floyd will school or rout Pacquiao once they tangle against each other with their “steps and moves” in light of Mayweather’s persistence to hold back his mambo or tango from the rubberized dance floor where Pacquiao waits and ready to do a hip-hop. Where’s the point?
Vanquish idolatry and sorcery.

Transcendent of the biggest revenue he can earn from facing his biggest dread, and in a single fight, Mayweather has no choice but retirement or say yes to “Mayweather-Pacquiao” NOW. He needs Pacquiao as much as he needs to come to grips with some sad realities in his boxing career tainted with a “perfect” record, the saddest of which is his refusal to fight an “icon” who has potentials to beat him, or beat his legacy and the Mayweather brand if he shrinks from the challenge.

The pay-per-view watchers and venue goers are not likely to buy any Mayweather “show” next to Canelo Alvarez except the Pacman in May 2014.

Names can easily rot however vast the fame and fortune or loot that manipulative, cunning people amassed for themselves. A “good” name dies with them and lowers under the same ground when they die. It is not anything mundane that puts aroma and ascribes eternity to a name. Heroism does, and a heart that is true is the first and last requirement for it.

“The memory of the just is blessed; but the name of the wicked shall rot” – Proverbs 1:7. “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and to be esteemed is better than silver or gold” – Proverbs 22:1.

A fool who would outwit reason to succeed fooling history is yet to be born because history in no CJ Ross; and because history has always been a just, fair and righteous judge. Why not read the Bible and book I sent you when you were in jail?

No more excuses, Floyd. Wake up! Dance your way to greatness and become truly the best. Be whole. You have within you the loftiest of arguments to fight Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. And it’s gripping… for your own good.

The lights are on.

The world is tuned in and the arena is full packed.

But, oh, the stage is bare.

(Note: In my next piece I will tell why Mayweather need not be afraid of Pacquiao and cite reasons why he has the ability to beat Pacquiao the way he wants it.)

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